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Winfiasco: Waiting for Mr Peters to decide

Monday, September 25, 2017
With election shenanigans in full flight, it appears we will suffer several weeks of grand standing and power playing as Mr Peters lists his demands and weighs his options. I was going to run a webinar with Tony Alexander on 26 September reviewing the outcome of the election, and the likely implications for taxation and the economy. However, it seems pointless as we don’t yet have a result and we would all be guessing. 

I must say I would hope that Mr Peters would see that the largest volume of New Zealanders (46%) want National to have a fourth term, and given NZ First is a centre liberal party, these two things would rationally combine to see a National-NZ First government formed in the next couple of weeks. But I’m not holding my breath. 

Bad blood from the last time Mr Peters crossed swords with National and a seemingly more erratic Mr Peters leads me to wonder if the people’s will and NZ First’s policy platform will play the central role in the decision-making, or whether personal agenda and past demons will raise their heads. If that were the case, we could instead see Labour and the Greens gaining an advantage, not on common policy grounds, but simply capitalising on Mr Peters' personal will to punish National for prior transgressions. 

I hope he doesn’t keep us waiting too long. And I hope this is about transitioning to stable government and the best result for New Zealand and NZ First. Time will tell but Tony and I will look at the outcome once we have it in two weeks, so we are deferring the webinar until Thursday 12 October

I hope to see on the webinar. (If you haven't done so already, you can register for the webinar here.)