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2016 Property and Trust event

Friday, June 24, 2016

Hello everybody. I’m sure everyone who attended will agree, the 2016 Property and Trust event on June 22nd was a very informative affair.  Our speakers (Crockers and Westpac) imparted some valuable information which I know will assist us with our property portfolios.

GRA’s Trustee Services Director, Janet Xuccoa, presenting at the 2016 Property and Trust event

As I promised, below are a couple of the slides I presented on behalf of GRA.  

Estate Planning
Claims are becoming more prevalent as family dynamics have altered and people live longer and possess greater wealth.  Last year alone our courts ruled on 325 estate claims.  Needless tension and pain to those involved in these proceedings are caused when you do not complete your estate planning documents.  Court processes are often slow and outcomes are uncertain.  All this can be avoided if you put in place your Will and Memorandum of Wishes.  Below are some of the things we recommend at GRA.  Remember this is covered in my Family Trusts 101 and my Money Secrets 101 books.

Laws Governing Trusts and Trustees
At our event we also canvassed the different types of law trusts and trustees must comply with and we reviewed the latest court cases that affect trusts.  Below is a quick synopsis of the categories of laws that govern trusts.  I’ve also provided a list of indicators that courts look at when reviewing trusts.  These matters do not arise when you have a professional trustee at GRA because we ensure all trustees satisfy their legal duties, asset protection stays in place and the trust doesn’t become a sham.  

If we can assist on any matter, please let us know.