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The Art of Marketing in Business

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The art of marketing in business

Marketing can take a day to learn but a lifetime to master.Harry Beckwith

In my last blog I focused on people, relationship and selling.  This time round, I thought I’d give you a couple of nuggets on the science and art of marketing.  More of this will come out of the seminar we are proposing in early December 2011.  Watch our site for details on this.  In the interim, here are some golden nuggets, in no particular order:

Golden Nugget #1

Every business has to have customers and move products and/or services to survive.  That doesn’t however mean you to have to sell all products and all services and try to be everything to everyone.  Chose the products and/or services you really want to sell.  Choose wisely.  Choose those that people want and that make you money. 

Golden Nugget #2

Just because you can sell a product and/or service, doesn’t mean you should.  Be very clear about what your key products / services are.  Become an expert in the products and/or services you are selling. 

Golden Nugget #3

Check how your brand looks.  What does it say about you and your company?  How do people view the brand?  Brands often change over time.  Others stay the same.  Is it time for you to have a brand change?  Does your brand need a re-vamp?  Ask members of the public and your own clients and staff and they will tell you how they perceive you company and its brand image.  Listen and take action if warranted.

Golden Nugget #4

Half the money that people spend on advertising is wasted.  The problem is, they never know which half.  Have you identified what form of advertising works for your company and brand?  Lots of companies think chucking the marketing dollar around will automatically generate business.  Wrong.  You need to be sure what your marketing dollar spend translates into business dollars.  You also should know what advertisements and methods work the best for your business.

Golden Nugget #5

Finally, do you know how to actually write up a marketing advertisement that grabs attention and promotes action by potential clients and customers?  Do you understand that messages should be on your website and through your social media sites?  This is just so powerful you can’t afford not to be acutely aware of these matters.


Harry Beckwith said ‘To sound like an expert, hire one’.  I’d like to add to that quote.  To sound like an expert hire one or at the very least, imitate one.  On that note, remember to look out for our upcoming seminar where the expert Heather Smith is going to share with you some of her secrets.  She wouldn’t be such a bad person to imitate when it comes to marketing.

Until I talk to you next time, remember spend short and earn long.

Ciao.  Janet