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Gilligan Rowe & Associates

Webinar: Resource Management Act Changes

Live Webinar Event. Thursday 4 November at 7:00pm

The Government recently announced plans to change the Resource Management Act (RMA), reducing red tape and allowing for intensification of housing throughout the country.

The rules would allow three homes of up to three storeys high to be built on most sites without the need for resource consent.

What do these changes mean, and what impact will they have on the housing market, homeowners, developers, and investors?

Join GRA managing director Matthew Gilligan and town planner Simon O’Connor on a free Zoom Webinar on xx October at 7:00pm, where they will discuss the implications of the RMA amendments.


Thu, 4 Nov 2021



Zoom webinar

Matthew and Simon will cover:
  • Exactly what the new rules are and where they will apply
  • How the housing marketing will be affected
  • How investors can take advantage of these changes
  • Potential downsides of the new rules
  • Q & A session
Places are strictly limited to allow you the chance to ask questions, so book your spot today.

If you would like help with booking, please contact GRA on +64 9 522 7955 or [email protected] We hope to see you on the webinar.

Property Investment & Education
FREE Seminar

In this FREE seminar you'll discover how to start and succeed in property investing and learn...

  • What’s happening in the Auckland property market
  • The best property strategies to be using right now
  • How to structure your investments correctly while maintaining tax effectiveness
  • Why protecting your assets is the key to investment survival
  • The latest property educational tools on the market
  • How to make money from purchasing just one investment property
  • How to increase your chance of reaching your retirement goals
  • Insight to actual property deals including figures and client outcomes
  • Plus so much more...

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Property School
The Bricks & Mortar of Property Investing

During this 7-module course you’ll learn how to consider big-picture strategy, as well as the details of how to analyse deals and build a portfolio. It is this combined approach that will teach you how to maximise returns while minimising risk.

Property School is a 7-module online programme, delivered either on demand (recorded) or from time to time via live Zoom. It’s interactive and fun. We’ll teach you how a little science in your property investing can help you progress forward and provide a more targeted approach to building your wealth than the ‘let’s give it a go mate’ approach.

Learn More

You'll learn...

  • The fundamentals of property and how to use cycles and market analysis to reduce risk
  • Property numbers and how to analyse deals, taught thoroughly by chartered accountants
  • The most frequently used property investment strategies that will make you money
  • How to set a pre-determined path to building an investment property portfolio that is sustainable
  • How to choose the right property investment for your particular circumstances
  • The different stages our economy goes through so you can make optimal financial decisions for yourself
  • How to identify the various phases the property cycle passes through and how to change strategy to take advantage of them
  • Ways to obtain finance to buy your own home and grow your property investments, safely
  • How to use the right tax and legal structures, like trusts and companies, to protect your assets and wealth
  • Auckland Unitary Plan and land banking: how to use subdivision potential to increase your wealth creation
  • Sensible, smart renovating techniques to increase the value of your property
  • Constructing a property plan, buying rules and maintaining momentum
  • When NOT to invest
  • And lots more...

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$595 (incl GST)