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Employment Opportunity 

GRA works closely with a business providing property education services to eager students seeking to invest in property. Knowing that our client base is full of experienced property investors, they've asked us to give them a hand to find someone special for this role.

We believe this may be an excellent opportunity for someone interested in generating extra cashflow for their investment activities

In particular, the business is looking for ..

..candidates with good knowledge and understanding of residential property investments in NZ, including boarding houses, buy-to-let, buy-to-sell and property development.

Does this sound like you?


You would be working in a busy property advisory team providing property consulting to students alongside others who you can bounce idea off.

The right candidate could have previous experience in similar roles or might be a property investor themselves, seeking employment to provide additional cashflow for their investments.

Training will be provided but your core experience in the above areas is a prerequisite.
(Salary commensurate with experience.)


Apply in confidence to [email protected]

Hi Matthew, my name is Mark Soster and I would just like to congratulate you on your wonderful book Property 101. A few weeks ago I had a "financial awakening" and began devouring all the books I could find on the subject, however I keep coming back to yours. After 3 reissues from the library I think it easier now just to buy it. Wonderfully simple yet complex enough to require multiple reads and note taking. It has taken a lot of the fear away with regards to property investment but also tempered me with caution. Without it I would probably have stupidly invested anywhere but Auckland, telling myself it’s too expensive, I now appreciate why would you invest anywhere else? The numbers never lie, in a 20 year plan then Auckland is King for capital gain. As a fan of maths (the only perfect thing on earth?) I can see how each opportunity can be ruthlessly examined on a purely financial level. Anyway, thanks again, I will definitely be contacting your company with regards to coaching and expertise. - Mark Soster - October 2017
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