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At GRA we take a 'holistic' approach where we look at our future clients as people first, with a focus on your goals and your life circumstances.

GRA Services combine 5 key areas of expertise

1. Asset Planning (Designing tax and legal structures to suit your circumstances)

2. Compliance and Taxation (Completing your financial accounts and tax returns)

3. Professional Trustee (Making sure your trust complies and is not deemed a 'sham')

4. Property Structures (Our investors pay less tax and make more money in property)

5. Offshore Asset Planning (Taxation and commercial advice to immigrants, ex-pats and foreign investors regarding NZ)

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Who uses GRA's services?

A wide range of people with a vast array of circumstances and requirements are clients of GRA. 

Clients can include New Zealand property investors who require compliance and asset planning services, through to New Zealand business owners. 

We also cater to foreign investors investing in NZ, for compliance and asset planning services, as well as immigrants coming to NZ seeking to plan their migration and take advantage of pre-migration tax planning opportunities. People seeking 'bullet proof' asset protection, best practice estate planning and minimised taxation obligations are also important clients of GRA.

Additional Services.

Family Trusts
Aus & NZ Investors
Property Investment
Expats & Immigrants
Look-Through Company

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Business Services Tax and Audit Specialist Services
Asset Planning
Business Start-up
Financial Planning
Management Consulting
Office Duties
Payroll Services
Software Solutions
Strategic Planning
Pre-insolvency Advice and Analysis
IRD Debt Repayment Plans & Dispute Resolution
Acquisitions & Mergers
Advice Online
Company Secretary
Estate Planning
Forensic Accounting
Human Resources
Information Technology
Real Estate Property Advice & Structuring
Rental Property
Retirement Planning
Selling a Business
Succession Planning
Growth Planning

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Client Testimonial

Hi Salesh, I just wanted to send you an email on behalf of GRA so say how fantastic we have found your company to date. As you know, Ben and I joined GRA a couple of months ago and have just found you so amazingly helpful in getting our new property set up correctly and sorted out. We have what I would consider a rather complicated structure as a result and it’s a fantastic feeling to know that we are getting everything done in the best way possible. We have just had approval to put a minor dwelling on the property which will make a massive difference in terms of cash flow and obviously value, something we would never have even thought of without GRA and which we are very excited about. During the buying process we attended a seminar with Matthew and from the outset thought he was fab. We therein signed up for property school and found this nothing short of fantastic. The content was relevant, up to date and comprehensive, but more importantly it was taught in a way that we could actually understand and really get value out of. I’ve copied Janet into this email as she provided us her email address in the first class, another example of how personable you are and lovely to deal with. I wanted to mention also, that everybody GRA have recommended to us has been just so efficient and absolute masters at what they do. A wonderful network of people that we feel very lucky to now be able to call on. From Kris Pederson and Bryan Rist who put our mortgage together to the insurance guys they then referred us to, I’m super impressed. Within GRA, Ellery has probably turned things around for us faster than I’ve ever known before, something which we appreciated so very much when it came to crunch time. She’s always a pleasure to deal with and again, we’re stoked. We’ve just settled on the property today and are about to go and get the keys. I’m pretty pumped and hence this email is probably rather excitable. So, a massive thank you to you Salesh, the partners for such a fabulous 6 weeks at property school and everyone at GRA for their help. May this be the start of our property empire. Thanks again,
A & B - July 2015



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