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Are you looking for an accountant that does more than bean counting? Then don’t call any other accountant before you try Auckland accountants Gilligan Rowe and Associates.  Get your free initial consultation today by calling +64 (9) 5227955 or request a meeting either in our office or over the phone/Skype,  where we will discuss your tax and legal structures to legally reduce tax and review your structures generally.

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How do you Choose an Accountant?

Accounting Services with a Difference

Gilligan Rowe & Associates have earned the reputation of being New Zealand’s foremost property acccountants.  We could talk non stop about how good we are at what we do and how we can save you tax, but if we couldn’t do that I’m sure you would agree we wouldn’t be in business.  What makes Gilligan Rowe & Asscoiates such a unique accountant is that we are able to combine both tax (accounting) and asset planning (structures, trusts, asset protection) under the same roof without you having to involve a separate accountant and solicitor.  We are able to manage everything and make sure you receive the best of both worlds – asset protection and reduced tax.  So go ahead and request your free initial consultation with one of our senior accountants today.

We are an accounting firm like no other in that we are proactive in our approach to the property market.  Not only do we do the normal accounting things like tax returns and financial accounts which we won’t bore you with, but we run up-to-date property seminars monthly as well as Property School 101, and present at many seminars and workshops throughout the country on property, tax and strucutres etc along with what is happening in the market right now.  To find out when our next event is on go to Property investment seminars.

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Here are the Top Five Reasons to Choose Gilligan Rowe and Associates as your Accountant

  1. Accounting

    GRA specialise in property accounting, buy-to-hold, trading, development, residential and commercial but also are commited to small, medium and large businesses throughout New Zealand that are turning over from $5,000 up to our largest client with $100m+ turnover.  To find out more go to GRA property accounting or GRA business accounting.

  2. Asset Protection/Asset Planning

    GRA are commited to our accounting clients not only to help you reduce your tax but to help you protect your personal assets.  Asset planning ensures taxation, estate planning and asset protection are all dealt with together.  To make sure you have the best tax and asset protection requires planning an understanding of your affairs as well as your long term goals.  This involves a taxation and legal analysis to help you be in the best position to increase your net worth while adding protection in the right place.   To find out more go to asset planning and strucutres.

  3. IRD

    Most accountants work for the IRD then the client. We do it differently - we work for you first then the IRD.  This may sound strange but we think outside the box (legally) and make sure we have your best interests at heart as well as meeting your IRD obligations.  Tax obligations are a given but we think it’s fair to first review the issue, form a view on your position (are IRD right?), then arrange a strategy to resolve the problem.  It is imperative that we make sure we get all the facts first before jumping the gun.

  4. Your Personal Accountant with no Extra Hidden Costs

    Once you come on board as an accounting client you are allocated to your senior accountant.  Talking with them and staying in touch is all part of the service at no extra cost.  So don’t spend time worrying about how much it’s going to cost to answer your tax or structure question, just give them a call. It’s all part of our service to you. 

  5. International Tax Advice (Returning home or living abroad)

    New Zealand tax is complex enough without you having to understand the tax rules for when you are returning home, moving to NZ from another country, or departing to live outside NZ.  GRA have the accounting expertise to help you make sure you get the best New Zealand tax and structure advice.  We have a specialist department which can deal with these issues on a daily basis so contact us now or go to GRA expats to find out more.  Let GRA take the stress away over tax and legal structures when moving internationally.

    To learn more about accountant Gilligan Rowe and Associates and what we can do for you, request your free initial consultation with a no-obligation quotation or enjoy our other informative pages below:

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Client Testimonial

Salesh is the best CA I have ever met in New Zealand so far. Period! The reason that I had fired my previous accountants is that they are so cheap. And they offer cheap advice. You need good and solid advice that can make you more money in the long run. And Salesh is the man who can deliver real results for you. Cheers to your success, Kind Regards
George Guo - ANZ BANK Senior Personal Banker



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