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Property Investment & Education
FREE Seminar

In this FREE seminar you'll discover how to start and succeed in property investing and learn...

  • What’s happening in the Auckland property market
  • The best property strategies to be using right now
  • How to structure your investments correctly while maintaining tax effectiveness
  • Why protecting your assets is the key to investment survival
  • The latest property educational tools on the market
  • How to make money from purchasing just one investment property
  • How to increase your chance of reaching your retirement goals
  • Insight to actual property deals including figures and client outcomes
  • Plus so much more...

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Property School
The Bricks & Mortar of Property Investing

During this 7-module course you’ll learn how to consider big-picture strategy, as well as the details of how to analyse deals and build a portfolio. It is this combined approach that will teach you how to maximise returns while minimising risk.

Property School is a 7-module online programme, delivered either on demand (recorded) or from time to time via live Zoom. It’s interactive and fun. We’ll teach you how a little science in your property investing can help you progress forward and provide a more targeted approach to building your wealth than the ‘let’s give it a go mate’ approach.

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You'll learn...

  • The fundamentals of property and how to use cycles and market analysis to reduce risk
  • Property numbers and how to analyse deals, taught thoroughly by chartered accountants
  • The most frequently used property investment strategies that will make you money
  • How to set a pre-determined path to building an investment property portfolio that is sustainable
  • How to choose the right property investment for your particular circumstances
  • The different stages our economy goes through so you can make optimal financial decisions for yourself
  • How to identify the various phases the property cycle passes through and how to change strategy to take advantage of them
  • Ways to obtain finance to buy your own home and grow your property investments, safely
  • How to use the right tax and legal structures, like trusts and companies, to protect your assets and wealth
  • Auckland Unitary Plan and land banking: how to use subdivision potential to increase your wealth creation
  • Sensible, smart renovating techniques to increase the value of your property
  • Constructing a property plan, buying rules and maintaining momentum
  • When NOT to invest
  • And lots more...

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$595 (incl GST)