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Thank you so much for insisting that the property school will be good for me, even for a hopefully a first home buyer such as myself. Turns out you are absolutely right. The school is amazing. Abundant information, & very inspiring. The presenters are amazing: Janet, Matthew, Kris, Tennille, Arn, & Jackie. Thank you so much, Michelle.


I would just like to reiterate how much I got out of property school 101, not just about property but planning and making informed decisions on money matters. I found you very inspiring and enjoyed the energy in which you presented with. I am definitely at a point now where I just want to start making things happen – the right way!


Fabulous advice to assist people just getting started in property investment.  A wealth of knowledge packed into six 2 hour sessions which are easy to fit in to a busy working schedule.  There are a lot of tips and tricks to make sense of what can be a very complicated process.  I leave property school with the confidence injection I needed to go forward with a plan.

On Saturday I attended a Money & Property Management course run by Janet Xuccoa of Gilligan Row & Associates. It was a full on day but really good & even though I don't invest in property yet I learned a lot. Also learned a lot about some of the misconceptions around managing money & how a lot of our beliefs stem from childhood. Janet has written a couple of books. Money Secrets 101 & Family Trusts 101. I've just started reading Money Secrets as a follow on from her workshop.


Thank you for presenting an excellent course in your Property School 101 over the last 6 weeks. We really enjoyed it, gained good value from it plus the necessary confidence and knowledge to move forward in the property market. We will be in touch, soon, for a review of our trusts and entities to ensure we have these established properly to fully protect both our assets and income and to gain full advantage.


I really enjoyed the property school. Its amazing and I am glad that I learned a few strategies in property investment.


Property School provided an excellent environment to learn from the experts. The senior partners and experts presented and shared current and relevant experiences which was invaluable. The one-on-one sessions offered with experts in each area meant I could discuss my situation with confidence referencing key learnings from the school. Thank-you for giving me practical knowledge that I am applying now.

Very informative, a great learning journey.  If you are serious about property, or thinking bout investing I  property, then Property School is a must.

Very informative and wonderful to receive this wealth of knowledge!!

To whom it may concern:

Janet Xuccoa and the Corporate Trustee team at Gilligan Rowe and Associates have been our Professional Trustee for our family trust and trading trust since May 2005.  From the initial advice during the designing and creation of our trust structures through to the day to day operation of the entities, the support and guidance we have had from the Corporate Trustee team has been second to none.  As a business owner and operator, I need to have reliable, efficient, proactive and knowledgeable people as part of our business team and Gilligan Rowe and Associates Trustee services tick the boxes in all of these criteria.

I have no hesitation in commending and recommending Gilligan Rowe and Associates Trustee Services team to anyone who requires professional and competent guidance in the safe operation of their trust and in turn secure protection of their assets.


We moved our business accounting to GRA twelve months ago and have never looked back.  

Matthew Gilligan and his team have consistently provided us with honest straight forward advice and have proved themselves to be honorable, trustworthy and efficient in all matters to date. The point of difference for us is that GRA do not charge their clients for every question asked (like most other accountants) which allows for better communication and understanding of how to run a successful company.  

GRA have impeccable time management systems in place and their customer service is outstanding.  I recommend them to any other business that wants good solid advice with the aim of business success, asset protection and opportunities for sound investments.

A Ellis – EC Flooring Contractors Limited.
A Ellis

Hi Janet

For the first time in my life I actually love my accountants. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Money School. I have learned so much, and am slowly implementing all the great advice we were given by the various presenters. I have been telling all my friends about Money School and encouraging them to come too, I have found it a great way to take stock of where I'm at and close the gaps in my planning. Hope to see you at Business School next!

Thanks David for ALL your help today :) 

You have such a great way of making your clients feel comfortable with the whole process...even though it sounds so confusing at times to me :( 
I would have to say that I definitely feel a WHOLE lot better now...and I have a better understanding of what is still needed to be done and what we will have to continue to do...

Annie Illingworth

Having completed both Money School 101 and Business School 101 I feel it would be beneficial to complete Money School first to qualify for Business School.  I have learnt a tremendous amount of information.  I now think and act differently in regards to my business.  I take my business seriously and I'm acting more professionally.  I now am a client of GRA and looking forward to being a life time client of GRA.  I sincerely thank you for taking me seriously and wanting me to be successful in my business and on my personal life journey.  You guys are awesome.  Thank you

Morning Matthew, 

Quick note about Salesh Chand. 

I have been extremely impressed with his actions with regard to the mutual client of ours in Auckland Abrasive Blasting and Coatings 2005 Ltd.
He has been a pleasure to deal with, provided accurate information in a timely manner and most importantly is giving the client the right advice as far as I am concerned.  He is very personable and I would certainly recommend his services to the  any ANZ client. 

Kind regards 

Grant Clune |ANZ|Relationship Manager, Auckland South 
Hi Matt,
I have just attended the property school and just want to say it was really a worthwhile experience doing it especially for me who is planning to start as an investor (or trader). Thanks again for sharing your invaluable knowledge.
P.S. Have also told my friends/colleagues, who are also interested on property, to attend the next property seminar.
Best regards,

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial with regards to the nomination of Janet Xuccoa and her team at Gilligan Rowe and Associates, as a finalist for New Zealand Corporate Trustee of the year.

Janet and her team have acted as a professional trustee for my trust for many year now.  I have been thoroughly impressed by their level of knowledge, professionalism, honesty and integrity in all my dealings with them,  In addition, through their regular client seminars that I have attended, I have been very impress by Janet’s thoughtful critiques of cases and changes in the direction of trust law, and their possible impact on me.

I can recommend them without hesitation.



Hi Janet thank you again for the wonderful session we had yesterday... money school sessions are definitely worth the time and money invested... thank you very much guys, I loved them all ... many thanks and we will definitely stay in touch cheers


I just finished reading Family Trust 101. I got this book last year for free from John Rowe when I became a client of GRA and Super Salesh started looking after us.

It was sitting on my book shelf for 8 months under lots of dust. Till just last weekend I decided to flick through it. It was so good and easy to read and understand, even by me, that I could not put it down. I finished reading it over the weekend. 

I would recommend it to anyone. As I mentioned it last night too at the Property Tutor seminar you all at GRA are awesome and from a different planet.  All the way through from receptionists to top, Directors. Thank you all.

Faramarz Rangi | GB Technology Ltd
Thanks Salesh. 

Carl, as said, Salesh is the best CA I have ever met in New Zealand so far. Period! The reason that I had fired my previous accountants is that they are so cheap. And they offer cheap advice. You need good and solid advice that can make you more money in the long run. And Salesh is the man who can deliver real results for you. 

Cheers to your success,

Kind Regards 
George Guo|ANZ BANK|Senior Personal Banker 
ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited 
George Guo

Hi Janet.  

I trust this email finds you well.

I meant to send you a "Thank You" note after the Queenstown Women's Business conference a few week ago.... too much to deal with, hence this unintended delay. :(

However, never too late to say you are an amazing and mesmerizing presenter with your extensive knowledge and energy which blew us away.Thank you once again for sharing your passion, extensive knowledge and commitment to empower women.

Jen Robertson - Executive Director

Thanx Michelle and thank you for your very helpful and friendly email, voice and txt reminders. They keep us all on track. Well done, great service. This very much helps underpin what GRA are doing & stand for and rounds out the professionalism I have observed throughout the company from both you, Janet and Mathew. Excellent-impressive organisation. 

John Penman

Matthew was extremely well prepared and delivered his 4 hour presentation like a natural. It was very informative and I believe the value of the information well exceeded the investment in the event. (That doesn't mean putting the price up for the next one though! :)


Hi Janet,

Thank you for a great 6 weeks we really enjoyed money school, there were aspects of the lessons that we have known but being apart of money school brought a lot of things to the forefront of our thinking challenging us to address, correct and take action in controlling our financial world. Thank you for helping to realign our thinking and for the appetizers into more development.
Thank you again - we will definitely be seeing more of you in the near future.


Our experience with David Han and GRA so far has been great. Being a young couple, trying to get into investment property, there has been so much to learn and so much we simply didn't understand. David has been so patient with us, and has answered all our questions without judging. In fact has even gone so for as to offer us advice on more than just the accounting side of things. Overall, dealing with any of the staff from GRA is always a pleasant experience. Thanks David.

L Schwalger

This letter is to express my appreciation for the assistance and encouragement of both Anthony Lipscombe and particularly John Heaslip over the last financial year.

The period since activating my trading trust has been one of considerable stress, as well as personal development, as I embarked on this as a relative business neophyte with virtually no awareness of the contemporary requirements of running a business, particularly the financial records aspect. During much of this period I have therefore felt considerable out of my depth.  However I have been lucky enough to have had the benefit of the advice and support of John Heaslip in rationalizing what was a fairly chaotic set of records of the first year property trading.

I am able to say that John in particular, has been unstinting in his attention to my needs and has done so in a manner which has never alluded to my extremely rudimentary grasp of managing a business, or even of being unable to set out a spread sheet properly.  The result of the above guidance is that now, although my trading trust would still not be able to operate without the advice of GRA, I do least feel a sense of satisfaction that I have got to my present point without major disaster and that my property trust does now have some kind of firmer basis for any future activities

Name provided on request
Thanks again for creating a resolution for my ACC levies situation, which quite frankly blindsided us. Without your expertise & nous, we would have been in a very uncomfortable position. I was very impressed by speed that your were able to resolve our challenge for us. Not surprisingly, my family & I would not hesitate in recommending your or the team at GRA for financial & taxation strategies. 

Regards, C Patterson.

The team at GRA have been fantastic. They've been able to look at my catering business very closely and discover ways to free up my cash flow. In one example they were able to show me how to save 25% in costs that weren't obvious to me. I have no hesitation in recommending Gilligan Rowe + Associates

Phil Meleisea | Manhattan Catering
I would like to express my sincere thanks to yourself and the team at GRA / Cornwall Trustees for the services you recently provided to my Trust.

You were both professional and expedient in organising for Skeates Law and yourselves to execute the conveyancing of my property into the Trust to allow the title to reflect the correct Trustee names at LINZ and on the local council rating system in time for my advertising the sale of this property.

I am sure that you have a team supporting you that allows you to make quick decisions and for these decisions to be executed with accuracy and pace that provided such an excellent service to my Trust.

This also reminds me of an old L.V Martin television advert where their motto was “it’s the putting right that counts” and you certainly did do this in my case. In return you have a very satisfied client who wishes to convey their appreciation of their experience.

Kind regards

Hi Anthony, John, John and the GRA team.

I received the beautifully presented folders containing the trust documents this morning and just wish to express what a fantastic experience I have had working with GRA, from start to finish.  What an impressive team you are!

Roz Chadwick

Yes, it was a very informative and structured workshop. I have attended a few Matthew's presentations and workshops and they are always very structured, easy to follow and understand. That was the reason why I switched to GRA a few years back after attending one of his presentation, I thought he was just brilliant. Many Thanks.


I have found “Life on Line” very enlightening. Once entering all the necessary information into “Life on Line” system, with very much user friendly consultants, I was able to see my position very clearly. Life on Line also has a number of other functions that I am sure I will find very helpful in the future. Look forward to keeping up to date with “Life on Line”.


Trevor Morris – Cambridge

Did you enjoy Janet's presentation

I did very much - JX is a great presenter and VERY knowledgeable... I had to run when she closed the session as I was a bit late meeting someone else - but enjoyed it very much!

Trusts Tips, Tricks and Traps Seminar

Hi Janet

For the first time in my life I actually love my accountants. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Money School. I have learned so much, and am slowly implementing all the great advice we were given by the various presenters. I have been telling all my friends about Money School and encouraging them to come too, I have found it a great way to take stock of where I'm at and close the gaps in my planning. Hope to see you at Business School next!




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