Notification to Beneficiaries (Options)


Notification to Beneficiaries
(who are 18 or over and not trustees themselves)

Option 1. Draft letter for you to send

GRA will provide you with a draft letter for you to address to the relevant beneficiaries and send to them. You will need to copy GRA in to this notification to the beneficiaries so that we have a record of it occurring.
Cost: $175 + GST

Option 2. GRA to assess and send notification

GRA will help you to assess what beneficiaries need notification and send notification on behalf of all trustees directly to the relevant beneficiaries.
Cost: $275 plus GST for assessment process and drafting of notification, plus $50 + GST for each beneficiary that notification is sent to.

Option 3. No beneficiaries to notify

There may be no beneficiaries to notify. For example, no beneficiaries aged 18 or older other than beneficiaries who are also trustees. Note: Note once children reach 18 they should be notified.
No charge.