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NZ Property Mentors

NZ Property Mentors offers comprehensive mentoring programmes designed to help you achieve your property investment goals. All mentors are experienced, active property investors who will teach you the skills you need to move forward with your property investing.

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Kris Pedersen Mortgages

Mortgage brokers who are experts in property investment finance, Kris Pedersen Mortgages know how to find finance solutions and structure borrowing for investors who want to grow their portfolios.

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Property Central

Property Central are property consultants who can help you work out a wealth creation plan through property investment. They will analyse properties to identify the option that will give you the best financial outcome, and can guide you through the consent and development process.

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Property Ventures

Property Ventures Real Estate are licensed real estate agents specialising in investment property. As well as helping you to sell property, PVRE can also act as a property finder or buyer’s agent.

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Offering all the benefits with lower premiums, Initio is GRA’s preferred choice for house and landlord insurance.

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Gilligan Rowe and Associates is a chartered accounting firm specialising in property, asset planning, legal structures, taxation and compliance.

We help new, small and medium property investors become long-term successful investors through our education programmes and property portfolio planning advice. With our deep knowledge and experience, we have assisted hundreds of clients build wealth through property investment.

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