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As a business owner, you started business with a dream. No doubt you had expertise in a particular field that you sought to use to your strength.

Time moves on and the grind of making a dollar sucks that dream from the front of your mind. You fall into a trap of often working long hours, and you can start to wonder why you got into it in the first place.

At GRA we strive for our clients to be "A-Ha" not "O-hh" people. We have a range of Business Advisory Services to assist small to medium size businesses to get ahead and make the right decisions.

We tailor a solution for you based on your needs and wants, and price it according to our level of involvement. Don't get caught with the generic business advisory services frequently offered by others. Get a tailored solution that meets your needs.

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Board Advisory/Virtual Chief Financial Officer
Need help with understanding just exactly what the numbers mean or setting direction? A board advisory role is an independent external ear to the internal operations of your business, with strategic recommendations based on our depth of experience across industries and sizes. Such a role is relevant for businesses with 5+ employees.

Business Improvement
You're an expert at what you do. So are we. We can provide a flexible service to suit your business needs with a focus of setting a direction for your business and overall business improvement. We have a range of tools and experience that we use to assist business owners to step back and "work on the business, not in the business". You get the expertise you need to assist with making decisions and the impacts they may have on the business as a whole.

Business Appraisals
Are you looking to buy into a business? Do you know where to start? We have the tools and advice to guide you whilst you undertake your own due diligence.

Cash flow
Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organisation. Whether it be assistance with weekly, monthly or yearly cash flows, we can assist you with implementing a system that will enable you to make better decisions and plan ahead to mitigate unexpected cash flow surprises.

Costing & Pricing
Reviewing your costs and how you price your products and services should be undertaken regularly. Without it, margins get eroded or, even worse, you sell products and services that are actually losing you money. We have tools for service and product-based businesses to assist with defining the correct pricing structure based on your expected turnover.

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Financial System Selection & Implementation
Is Xero the right fit for you? What about all the add-ons? Would you be better off with just one comprehensive system? Finding the right accounting and management system for your industry and your business can be difficult when you canvas the many options available in the marketplace. We have experience across many systems, across many industries, and we've seen what works and what doesn't. A bit of thought towards defining what it is you need now and need in the future will save you thousands of dollars compared to choosing the wrong system. We can assist not only with the initial selection but also implementation.

Management Accounting & Reporting
What get's measured is what get's done. If you do not monitor and measure financial performance, how can you expect to succeed? Monthly reporting against forecasted performance is a catalyst for change and improvement. This vital role should exist in any business, but it doesn't mean you need to do the legwork - we can tailor a solution for you that delivers the information you need to make decisions. Combined with a Board Advisory role, you've got a recipe for success.

Matrimonial Separation
A separation is a difficult time, let alone trying to get your head around the numbers and division of assets, and the implication (including tax) of dividing those assets. It makes sense to engage us, along with a good solicitor, to guide you during this time.

Succession Planning
The average succession plan takes between 3 and 5 years to implement, but for many, it is a transaction that will be completed within a 6-month timeframe. Whatever your situation may be, you can maximise the value by having the right team on board. Lawyers, brokers, and accountants all have their part to play in such a transaction; consider us for your team.

Do you need to perform a valuation on your existing business for the purposes of bringing in a business partner? Or are you looking to buy a business and need assistance ascertaining the fair value? Or perhaps you are in dispute with your existing business partners and there are contentious issues. Whatever the case, having the confidence of a robust valuation makes the difference in any negotiation.

For advice on any of the above business advisory services and recommendations, please contact us to arrange an appointment so we can help your business grow into the future.

We had the good fortune of attending the Property School this year and it was worth every cent of our investment. All the sessions were jam packed with useful information and We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our time here. Matt, Janet and John all have a different style of teaching yet I'm really impressed with the depth of knowledge each of them possesses. What you will learn here is a combination of theories and practical knowledge that you can take advantage of straightaway and apply in the real world. Give them a call today and book for the next session! - JL & XY - December 2017

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