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Gilligan Rowe and Associates is a chartered accounting firm specialising in property, asset planning, legal structures, taxation and compliance.

We help new, small and medium property investors become long-term successful investors through our education programmes and property portfolio planning advice. With our deep knowledge and experience, we have assisted hundreds of clients build wealth through property investment.

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Matthew Gilligan

Matthew Gilligan CA
Managing Director/Partner

Matthew is a chartered accountant, and has been practising since 1992. 

As the Managing Director of Gilligan Rowe and Associates, Matthew works alongside partners John Rowe and Salesh Chand to assist the practice’s clients.

In particular, Matthew heads GRA's specialist property planning division, helping clients create optimal tax structures and build wealth through property.  

A leader in the strategic arena, Matthew is also an active and seasoned property investor with deep knowledge of the property market, investing for over 20 years in Australia, United States and New Zealand property. 

A great believer in education and sharing knowledge, Matthew is a well-known speaker on asset planning and property matters. He regularly presents at seminars, including GRA's Property School, and also speaks to various groups such as property investor associations, chambers of commerce, retailers' associations, and builders' associations.   

As part of his commitment to education and helping people prosper, Matthew has written two books, Tax Structures 101 and Property 101, and writes a regular blog to keep readers up to date with issues affecting New Zealanders who have a goal to be financially successful.

Email Matthew personally at
[email protected]
or call +64 9 522 7955.

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John Rowe

John Rowe CA

John is a GRA Director & shareholder and leads the Business Services Advisory Team.

In addition to managing the delivery of advisory and accounting services to a large diverse client base, John specialises in providing litigation support including valuation, loss assessment, financial investigations and relationship property matters.

John has been appointed by both the High and Family Courts as an investigating accountant pursuant to section 38 of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.

But it's John's commitment to providing clients with a high level of service that makes the difference. John's leadership and rare 'stewardship' approach to his team means that their dedication is felt by clients.

John regularly presents to property groups, business owners, trade associations and national business development organisations.

Prior to joining Gilligan Rowe & Associates, John worked in a specialist litigation support and valuation practice, assisting high net worth individuals and publicly listed companies with new business set ups, expansions, profit improvement, compliance, tax advice and internal management. The knowledge and experience gained from this is invaluable in assisting GRA clients.

Additionally, John's blogs and articles will keep you up to date and informed on a range of issues relating to business accounting.

Email John personally at
[email protected]
or call +64 9 522 7955.

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Salesh Chand

Salesh Chand CA

Salesh Chand is a chartered accountant and is a Business Advisory Director and partner at GRA. 

Salesh leads a team of senior chartered accountants that specialises in preparing financials and tax returns.

His areas of expertise are accounting, business structures, tax planning, and insolvency issues. 

He believes in providing excellent client service and responds to any issues within 24 hours. His clients find him easy to deal with and enjoy the new ideas he brings to them.

Salesh is also a successful property investor. He manages his own property portfolio with over $40 million of residential, commercial and industrial properties, and is currently expanding it by purchasing more properties in the New Zealand market. He believes in purchasing cashflow, land banking and discounted properties. One of Salesh's key skills is in debt reduction strategies, and he has successfully implemented these in his own portfolio and for his clients. 

Salesh has comprehensive property knowledge and will always give you great hints or ideas as to where to invest. He treats properties as a long-term investment venture and believes that property investment is the best and safest method of creating passive income.

Further, he strongly believes in protecting these assets by using the right business structure.

Email Salesh personally at
[email protected]
or call +64 9 522 7955.

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Anthony Lipscombe

Anthony Lipscombe BCom LLB

Anthony is the holder of commerce and law degrees, has been admitted to the Bar and is a qualified chartered accountant.

Anthony has been with Gilligan Rowe & Associates since 2003 and has over 20 years' experience advising on all manner of tax and legal issues.

As Head of Tax, he provides asset planning and tax advice to GRA's clients, covering the following areas amongst others:

• Income tax and GST implications of investing in, dealing in or developing property
• Tax residency both incoming and outgoing
• Cross border investment both inbound and outbound
• Establishment of trusts and companies
• Review of existing business and investment structures
• Dealing with IRD disputes and audits
• Establishment of new business structures, including joint ventures
• General income tax issues applicable to individuals, companies and trusts
• Application of the LTC regime
• Implications of the bright-line rule

Anthony's clients range from "mums and dads" with a home they want to protect for themselves and their family, to business owners and investors with more sophisticated affairs requiring a holistic approach that takes into consideration estate and relationship property issues, residential care subsidy rules, company and insolvency law, gifting, as well as asset protection and tax.

Email Anthony personally at
[email protected]
or call +64 9 522 7955.

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Anthony Strevens

Anthony Strevens CA
Associate Director

Anthony is a Business Advisory Director and a qualified chartered accountant. He heads a team of senior accountants within GRA, providing general compliance and tax services to a large range of clients.

Anthony’s areas of expertise include tax planning, business advice, property taxation and general structuring advice.

Anthony is known to his clients for his top-drawer customer service and results-driven focus.

He has worked as an accountant in both rural and urban settings, allowing him to understand the different needs associated with his clients’ environments.

Anthony enjoys working with clients in a range of industries from agriculture to construction to value-added exports, from well-established large businesses to small start-ups.

His experience providing advice across different industries helps his clients to initiate and implement new ideas and achieve their goals. Anthony has a keen interest in the property market and assists his clients to establish robust property portfolios to maximise their wealth.

Email Anthony personally at
[email protected]
or call +64 9 522 7955.

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Anna Loginova

Anna Loginova CA
Client Services Manager

Anna is qualified chartered accountant, with a double major in Finance and Accounting from AUT in Auckland. Being born in the Far East of Russia, she came to New Zealand straight after finishing high school and completed her tertiary qualifications here.

Anna heads a team of senior accountants at GRA, providing accounting, tax and business advisory services. Since 2006 she has been working in public practice with broad range of clients, including high net worth individuals, property investors and property developers, as well as small to well-established businesses. Her attention to detail means her clients are in very safe hands.

Anna is focused on building long-term, trust-based relationships with clients, where they can raise any questions or concerns with her at any time. She is committed to supporting her clients’ financial goals with integrity and her in-depth knowledge as a tax adviser.

Email Anna personally at
[email protected]
or call +64 9 522 7955.

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Nathan Budd

Nathan Budd CA
Client Services Manager

A chartered accountant with a BCom majoring in accounting and commercial law, Nathan Budd has been in public practice since 2016. Nathan is an experienced tax planner and accountant with an ability to see the big picture, while also being detail oriented. This means his clients are in very safe hands.

Attentive to his clients’ needs, he has a deep understanding of their financial affairs and provides exceptional service. He responds to queries promptly and ensures his clients’ best interests are prioritised.

Nathan also works closely with GRA director John Rowe on special assignments and with more complex business clients.

Email Nathan personally at
[email protected]
or call +64 9 522 7955.

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Quade Fraser

Quade Fraser BCom
Client Services Manager

Quade Fraser has a background in tax, accounting, commercial law, and finance, and is committed to bringing a personalised focus to his clients. He grew up living and working on a farm, and that real-world, practical experience, along with over a decade as an accountant, allows him to understand the intricacies of his clients’ businesses while connecting with them in a meaningful way.

Quade began his accounting career at Ernst & Young, where he specialised in tax and Mergers & Acquisitions. Here he gained valuable experience in piecing together complex situations, and established a strong foundation for his career as an accountant and tax adviser.

Over time, Quade developed an interest in property, and he met Matthew Gilligan at a property event. Not long after, he started as a senior accountant at GRA and is now a Client Services Manager.

Quade enjoys navigating the ever-changing world of tax and creating optimal structures that assist in building his clients’ businesses and property portfolios. He derives immense satisfaction from engaging with new clients and helping them with tax efficiency, asset protection, and future planning.

Quade is a property enthusiast and tax strategist with a natural ability to share his professional insights and knowledge with clients in a personable, easy-to-understand way.

Email Quade personally at
[email protected]
or call +64 9 522 7955.

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