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Business Taxation & Accounting Compliance Services

GRA's Taxation Compliance Division prepares financial statements and tax returns for many types of organisations.

Everything from large companies and small to medium sized businesses, to property-focused salaried employees investing in rental properties.

In fact, when it comes to property (in any form), we'll be managing annual accounting needs somewhere in our practice.

John Rowe leads GRA's Business & Tax Services Division. He and his team provide robust and clever solutions that keep clients coming back year after year.

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Who might be our client?

GRA has a hugely broad range of clients including:

  • Hundreds of property investors, ranging from waged and salaried employees with one or two rental properties, to larger property clients including developers and large dealers in property.
  • Small to medium sized businesses, turning over from $5,000 up to our largest clients with $100m+ turnover. Most of our clients have turnovers between $50,000 and $10m - a typical distribution of Kiwi businesses.


What industries & sectors do we represent?

All sectors are represented at GRA. This means we can take lessons learned from other businesses and apply them to yours if appropriate. Of course we are careful not to disclose any information about our clients' businesses to any third party unless authorised to do so.

Sectors and industries represented by us include: 

  • Farmers
  • Retailers
  • Realtors
  • ICT industry
  • Manufacturers
  • Importers & exporters
  • Architects & draftspeople
  • Anything property
  • Professional services firms, including solicitors and financial services firms, architects and engineers

Other types of people, businesses and traders we represent include: 

  • Small investors
  • Large investors
  • Developers
  • Property traders
  • Lease option investors
  • Rent by the room investors
  • Kiwis investing offshore
  • Expats investing in NZ
  • Rental property managers
  • You name it in property, we manage the annual accounting needs for any type of business in our practice. We are property accounting and small to medium sized business specialists. 

Business compliance: the GRA approach

Our approach in the Compliance Services Division is to:

  • Meet you to review your needs, both for internal management accounting and to look at your year end compliance accounting services. Additionally, we consider your provisional tax requirements, GST and other tax types, and any special requirements you may have, to comprehensively (or partially) manage your taxation affairs.
  • Provide a quotation for your accounting services to ensure you have certainty regarding exactly how much we are charging and for what.
  • Write to your old accounting advisor to request transfer of your records, making the record transfer process easy and seamless for you.
  • Manage your affairs carefully throughout the year, including collecting the records from you at year end, managing any GST requirements you may have, E-filing your taxation returns to speed up any taxation refunds, and filing all statutory and accounting returns with the relevant authorities on an ongoing basis.

Disputes and problems with IRD

Taxation problems can arise for many reasons. Whether it is a mistake made by you or an advisor to you, an unfair view being formed by IRD, or a serious problem arising from a perhaps short-sighted action on your part, the issue is the same. How do you solve the problem and make it go away so you can get back to focusing on core business and get on with your life?

Our general approach to IRD problems is as follows: 

1. Review your issue.

2. Form a view on your legal position - are IRD right?

3. Form a strategy to resolve the problem, whether it be to negotiate a settlement for you with IRD and try to minimise penalties, or fight for your position by instructing and running full litigation via a barrister of our recommendation to you.

4. Keep you informed throughout the process, and try to manage costs to a minimum.

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I would like to say thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to come to the property school at Gilligan Rowe + Associates. Im in my early stages of becoming a property investor in New Zealand and to able to come to the property school has enabled to me gain very valuable information and knowledge which will help me be successful in property investing. The property school itself is one like no other because there is so much value given and from experts that practise what they are teaching. This in property school was one of the main highlights because being able to meet experts through the property school was my first time and gave me more confidence in general about property investment. Having combined reading the books (Property 101, Tax structures 101) at home and attending property school, the breath of valuable information and knowledge I have attained is substantial. - Tesfalidet, December 2019

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