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by Anna Loginova 27 Nov 23

Solvency is a subject that can be challenging for our clients and can cause some distress when not understood correctly. This is not a very festive subject, but it's important to address it during these uncertain times we are currently going through.What is a solvent..

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As you are probably already aware, trusts now have more reporting requirements with the IRD. However, in some circumstances, trusts, especially family trusts, may have been made non-active with the IRD, which means there is no income to report (and no tax to pay). Although a..

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What is a Shareholder's Current Account?

by Anna Loginova 16 Dec 22

The shareholder’s current account (i.e. the net balance of funds introduced and withdrawn by the shareholder) is one of the most common things that our clients ask us about.  The most frequent questions that we receive are: How did this occur? What does the movement..

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Is travelling overseas tax deductible?

by Anna Loginova 29 Sep 22

If you have to travel overseas for business (given you can do so now with the borders finally open), the question of tax deductibility of travel expenses will arise: which expenses can you claim, if any? It is important to understand the purpose of the trip..

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Cryptocurrency Investments

by Anna Loginova 17 Dec 21

Over the last year we have noticed that a lot of clients are choosing cryptocurrency as an alternative for their investment strategies.  Anthony Strevens discussed the tax implications around cryptoassets in his November 2020 blog, so I won’t go into much detail here.  As a..

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Employee Share Schemes

by Anna Loginova 03 Jun 21

We have noticed that more and more employers are incentivising their employees by offering shares and share options as part of their employment packages. Shares can also be offered to past and future employees. Offering shares provides an opportunity to motivate and retain key employees of..

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We are at the end of another financial year, and it is time to collate your information for your accountant so they can prepare financial statements and file your tax returns. At GRA, we look for opportunities to optimise our clients’ tax positions for the end..

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Claiming Motor Vehicle Expenses

by Anna Loginova 07 Oct 20

Motor vehicle expenses are a common type of expense incurred across a wide range of businesses. It makes sense to claim vehicle expenses when preparing your tax return, but you need to ensure this is done accurately. In the modern world, the same vehicle is often..

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Accountant vs Bookkeeper - big difference

by Anna Loginova 29 Apr 19

There is a significant misinterpretation and misunderstanding between the role of a bookkeeper and that of an accountant. If you don’t know the difference it can negatively impact upon you (possibly seriously). But if you understand each role and utilise them appropriately, it can be..

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To whom it may concern: The Corporate Trustee team at Gilligan Rowe and Associates have been our Professional Trustee for our family trust and trading trust since May 2005. From the initial advice during the designing and creation of our trust structures through to the day to day operation of the entities, the support and guidance we have had from the Corporate Trustee team has been second to none. As a business owner and operator, I need to have reliable, efficient, proactive and knowledgeable people as part of our business team and Gilligan Rowe and Associates Trustee services tick the boxes in all of these criteria. I have no hesitation in commending and recommending Gilligan Rowe and Associates Trustee Services team to anyone who requires professional and competent guidance in the safe operation of their trust and in turn secure protection of their assets. - RNT
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