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Is it time to declare dividends?

by Anthony Lipscombe 28 Feb 24

With the trust tax rate expected to increase from 33% to 39% on 1 April 2024, now is the time to consider declaring dividends for any companies owned by trusts. Declaring a dividend before 31 March 2024 means there will only be 5% “top-up” tax payable..

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Compulsory Acquisitions

by Anthony Lipscombe 29 Nov 23

Imagine this: A few years ago, after careful saving and financial planning, you managed to buy an investment property. Your goal from the outset is to hold the property long term. You do some work to add value, and intend keeping it for many years..

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What is rollover relief?

by Anthony Lipscombe 04 Apr 23

Prior to the inception of the bright-line rule, it was relatively common practice to restructure the ownership of residential property to get better asset protection, estate planning and tax outcomes, or when circumstances changed. For example, you might convert an existing home to being a..

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Good News Re GST

by Anthony Lipscombe 16 Dec 22

I want to close the year by highlighting a couple of positive developments in the GST rules – one that came into effect earlier in 2022, and one that is proposed to come into effect from next year.Earlier this year a long-standing issue that prevented..

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Interest Limitation Law About to Pass (Finally)

by Anthony Lipscombe 23 Mar 22

Almost a year to the day since the Government announced rules to eliminate tax deductions on interest for property investors, the legislation has all but reached its final destination. In the last two weeks the Select Committee report on the first draft of the legislation..

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Just letting you know we got this house!! Super uber excited! Just wanted to say that there is no way in hell I could have got this over the line without your detailed and comprehensive help, you have been absolutely amazing. I have absorbed everything you’ve taken the time to teach me about analysing properties for development potential. Really amazing…. thank you!!

- Name withheld on request, November 2020

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