2017 Economic and Property Update Webinar with Matthew Gilligan and Tony Alexander

GRA's annual Economic & Property Update is one of our most popular annual events, where Matthew Gilligan and Tony Alexander give their predictions for the economy and the property market. However, because we only hold it in Auckland many people are unable to attend. To give everyone a chance to hear what Tony and Matthew have to say, we are running a 'post-election special' of this event as a webinar.

This webinar will be held immediately after the election on Tuesday 24 October at 7:30pm and is free to attend.

(Note this is a change of date from originally advertised, as results were unclear immediately after the election.)

Join Matthew Gilligan and Tony Alexander on the Economic & Property Update Post-election Special Webinar as they give their election analysis. They will talk about what is likely to happen in the economy and property market over the next 12 months, the factors influencing the market and how you can invest in the current conditions and profit, no matter what region you are in.

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Tony Alexander' s topics
  • What interest rates are doing and the impact they are likely to have
  • How tighter lending conditions are affecting investors
  • What impact a rising housing supply will have on rents and yields
  • How the election results will affect house prices and the economy
  • The outlook for economic growth in the face of major international uncertainties
  • How all the above factors will influence the property market
Matthew Gilligan's topics
  • Matthew's take on the 2017-18 property market
  • Matthew's view on election tax promises and the implications for property investors
  • Discussion on trending global economic and doomsday theories
  • Property investment strategies that make money in the current market
About the speakers

While both Matthew and Tony are technical experts, they are popular speakers because they present information in a manner that is easy to understand and easy to implement.

Tony Alexander - BNZ Chief Economist
Tony Alexander
BNZ Chief Economist

Tony has been the chief economist for the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) since 1994, and provides regular commentary on developments in the New Zealand economy. He is an accomplished speaker and each year delivers between 80 and 130 presentations at bank seminars, conferences, and client functions around the country and offshore, and is highly sought-after for media interviews. Tony writes and distributes the Weekly Overview directly to 12,000 email recipients with extensive links from other websites

Matthew Gilligan, CA - Managing Director
Matthew Gilligan, CA
Managing Director, Gilligan Rowe and Associates LP

Matthew Gilligan is a chartered accountant and managing director of Gilligan Rowe + Associates LP. Matthew heads GRA’s specialist property and asset planning division, helping clients protect their assets, implement their estate plans and develop optimal taxation structures. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the property market and has been involved in this area for over 20 years. Matthew practices what he preaches – he is currently involved in over a dozen developments, including subdivide-to-build, subdividing and relocating houses, as well as holding an extensive buy-to-hold portfolio of over 30 properties in the Auckland market. A great believer in sharing knowledge, Matthew is a well-known speaker on asset planning and property investment, author of two books ( Tax Structures 101 and Property 101 ), runs property investment education programmes and writes a regular blog.