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As active property investors, at GRA we noticed our insurance brokers were charging us more each and every year. So we started to shop around, and in the process we came across Initio.

We discovered that: 

1. Initio are cheaper

Because they are online, and specialise in insuring houses.

2.  You can get a quote in seconds

All you have to do is enter the address of the property and Initio will show you the cost to insure that property - it's that easy! The same is true for your motor vehicle: simply type in your rego. Click here to get a quote.

3. Their benefits are comprehensive

Initio's benefits are equal to or exceed the other covers we had in our portfolios. Their cover includes loss of rents, deliberate damage by tenants, and meth contamination. 

4. Initio is backed by IAG

Initio is underwritten by IAG, the largest general insurer in Australasia. Learn about their financial strength here

All of this caused us to have a conversation with their CEO, and GRA are now pleased to bring you an insurance offering in partnership with Initio. For an instant free online quote, please click on the banner below:

Some of the things Initio Landlord Insurance provides as standard are:

  • Damage caused by the manufacture and consumption of methamphetamine (up to $30,000), with loss of rents paid in addition to this
  • $20,000 free contents cover (can be increased to $60,000)
  • Loss of rental income due to damage - $20,000 (with ability to increase to $80,000)
  • Loss of rental income up to six weeks for eviction, abandonment or prevention of access
  • Cover of $25,000 for deliberate damage by tenants is automatically included (most other insurers make you buy this cover separately)
  • Multi-unit cover – up to eight flats under the same roof on the same policy, which means lower premiums
  • $3,000 cover for hidden gradual damage
  • Replacement cover (new for old) up to your chosen insured value
  • Cover for all the essential and big events, like fire, storm, flood, earthquake

To find out more and get a quote in seconds for your home or investment property, please click here.


Always available to give great advice and helped us out in a difficult situation.

- Karen, November 2023
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