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Property 101
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Property 101

By Matthew Gilligan

If you want to know how to invest in residential property in a way that maximises your chances of success and minimises risk, this is the right book for you.

Matthew Gilligan provides a fresh look at residential property investment from an experienced investor’s viewpoint. Written in easy to understand language and including many case studies, Matthew explains the ins and outs of successful property investment. The book concentrates on buy-to-hold investment property, with a focus on Auckland.

In Property 101 you will discover:

  • What to do to get ready to invest in property
  • How the property cycle works, investing strategies for each stage, and the advantages of being a contrarian investor
  • Why all towns are not equal, and how to choose the best ones from an investment perspective
  • The massive potential benefits available to investors flowing from the Auckland Unitary Plan rezoning
  • How to find property and define targeted criteria that help you focus on the best property investments
  • The importance of a property investment plan and setting buying rules
  • How to analyse deals before you buy to ensure they meet your investing goals 
  • How to make an offer and negotiate successfully
  • The due diligence process
  • Ways to lower your risk, including advice on taxation and finance structures
  • The best property management approach
  • Renovations and investment property
  • Lots of case studies and examples to help you avoid common mistakes
  • How to choose your professional team and avoid property spruikers disguised as advisers
  • Lots more!

About the author

Matthew Gilligan is a chartered accountant and managing director of Gilligan Rowe and Associates, where he heads the Asset Planning division, helping clients protect their assets, implement their estate plans and develop optimal taxation structures. As well as being an expert on tax and structures, Matthew has over 20 years’ experience as a property investor and developer, and has built a substantial portfolio. A great believer in education and sharing knowledge, he regularly runs seminars about property investment and writes a regular blog.

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