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  • Gilligan Rowe and Associates are a chartered accounting firm specialising in property, as well as asset planning, legal structures, taxation and compliance. We help new, small and medium investors become long-term successful investors through our education programmes and property portfolio planning advice. With our deep knowledge and experience, we have assisted many hundreds of clients with building their wealth through property investment. 

  • Do you feel like you constantly miss the boat?
  • Would you love to get into the property market, but think that you’ve left it too late?
  • Have you noticed that despite always thinking you’ve left it too late, the market consistently seems to go up?
  • How do you break the gridlock and get into property investment safely while minimising the risk of a market downturn?

It’s all about changing strategy as the market changes because different strategies work at different times in the property cycle. Come to GRA’s Property Investment and Education Seminar and find out how to get in to the property market, and what successful investors do to manage the ups and downs of the property cycle

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Wednesday 26th September, 6:45pm Book here

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Kiwis and property go hand in hand and have done so for as long as we can remember. Property investment is an obsession and more and more Kiwis are purchasing either their own home or investment property. But why is this? Is it because we don’t like to invest in other investments, or is it because property prices in certain parts of New Zealand just seem to keep on going up year after year despite the sceptics out there expecting prices to drop?

There are plenty of excuses for not investing in property, and you've no doubt heard many of them. People are afraid of losing money, that the market will crash, that tenants are awful to deal with. Investing involves large amounts of money, so it is understandable that people can be fearful. 

And yet, in spite of all these ‘reasons’, there are many people who are successfully using property investing as their wealth creation tool for a secure retirement. Find out what they do differently by coming to one of our FREE Property Investment & Education Seminars. We can show you how to manage risk with your property investing - and managing risk starts with knowledge.

Why is property such a good investment for your wealth creation and retirement planning path?

  • Supply and demand - There is already a lack of properties versus number of people, particularly in Auckland.
  • Lack of land to build on - Even though New Zealand has plenty of land, the actual availability of residential and commercial land to build on is limited by both government and local councils.
  • Population growth – Our population, particularly in Auckland, is growing, from both natural increase (births minus deaths) and immigration. New Zealand is one of the best places to live in the world for a variety of reasons and more and more immigrants come to New Zealand to make it their new home.
    More people equals increased demand for housing.
  • Plenty of tenants - There will always be people who want to rent for various reasons: job, family, students, lack of affordability, don’t want commitment to a mortgage, relationships, divorce.
  • Cash flow and capital growth – If you buy right, property creates cash flow while increasing in value over time.
  • Leverage – You can use the bank’s money to fund your investment by borrowing 70-80%, but keeping 100% of the capital growth.

This FREE seminar will teach you why property is still a high-performing investment and wealth creation asset in New Zealand and why professional investors are predicting property to outperform any other investment over the next 25 years. 

But property is only a good investment if you know how to invest in a way that reduces your risk and maximises your returns. Whether you invest in one rental property or ten, it doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that you make the first step to get yourself educated in how to purchase property correctly. Don’t invest in property until you learn the traps! 

Our philosophy is about building wealth steadily and safely over the long-term (10 years), and the strategies we teach are the ones we follow ourselves.


Wednesday 26th September, 6:45pm Book here

Tuesday 16th October, 6:45pm Book here

The fundamentals of the New Zealand property market, particularly Auckland and the other larger centres, provide a great foundation for property investment. What are good fundamentals? Low supply, high demand, increasing population, and high employment. These factors work to keep the property market buoyant and values continue to increase over time. However, you need to pick your area and know what you are doing, because there are some places and some property types that do not make for good property investing. You also need to understand how the property cycle works, so you can protect yourself from a market correction.

Take a look at the top 10 things you will learn at the Property Investment & Education Seminar:

  1. Why property is still the No.1 investment tool for New Zealanders
  2. Why the property cycle can help you make sound investment decisions
  3. What type of property you should be purchasing
  4. Where in Auckland you should be investing your money
  5. What’s driving the Auckland market
  6. How the 65% bank lending rule will affect investors and how to get around it if you need to borrow more than 65%
  7. Leaving the Auckland market; picking the best of the small centres to invest in
  8. Tax and structure recommendations you don’t want to miss
  9. Case studies of property deals being done right now, and how you can do them too
  10. Property question and answer session

When is the best time to invest?

Not next year, not in five years, not when the market comes back, not when the market crashes, not when the neighbour tells you to.



Wednesday 26th September, 6:45pm Book here

Tuesday 16th October, 6:45pm Book here

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