Family Trust Tips & Traps: A Seminar for Business Owners and Property Investors
Family Trust

"A real strength of this of this Corporate Trustee (GRA) is their hands-on commitment from Directors through to clerical staff, where their integrity and personal belief in the structures provides the client with a high degree of security"

Errol Anderson
NZ Trustees Assn

"My wife Annette and I have used the Professional Trustee Services at GRA for a number of years and have always enjoyed a high level of service.  It is a great comfort to know that we have someone looking after us with all of the skills and knowledge needed to ensure that all documentation and periodic activities are carried out properly.  Whenever we have needed anything we have always found the process to be quick and seamless whilst still ensuring that everyone’s obligations as trustees are being met.  I would wholeheartedly recommend GRA’s Professional Trustee Services to anyone (and have done so on many occasions to friends and family)."

Clint Greaves

"I have also chosen Janet Xuccoa as a trustee for our Family Trust and feel confident in the way that is administrated.As a business owner, the value of getting the right expert advice is so critical. GRA have given us great service which has helped us make real improvements to our business and cash flow."

Stephen Murray
Stephen Murray Designs Ltd