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If You Invest in Property, You Can Pay Less Tax With A Special Tax Code - IR23Bs -

A special tax code allows your employer to deduct PAYE at a lower amount, effectively paying you your tax refund during the year in each pay you receive.

  1. Are you receiving a salary or wage?
  2. Do you have investment property that generates tax losses?
  3. Do you want more cash in your pocket now?
  4. Are you expecting a tax refund next year?
  5. Do you have to wait to file your tax return before getting a refund?
  6. Want to maximise your cashflow during the year?

If you answered YES to the above you should consider applying for a special tax code through GRA.

With a special tax code, you:

  1. Get better cashflow throughout the year
  2. Pay less interest on your mortgage (by applying the surplus to lines of credit)
  3. Don’t have to stress to get your tax return filed quickly
  4. Don’t have to wait to get your tax refund

Gilligan Rowe + Associates are experts at helping property investors to reach their money goals faster. Go ahead and Request an Interview now. We'll explain how a special tax code and the correct management of your investment affairs, can work for you. It's free to take the first step.

John Rowe
John Rowe
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Thank you so much for insisting that the property school will be good for me, even for a hopefully a first home buyer such as myself. Turns out you are absolutely right. The school is amazing. Abundant information, & very inspiring. The presenters are amazing. - Alex

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