Articles by Matthew Gilligan

KiwiBuild Policy

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Middle class, sometimes low net worth people run our labour force, including the public sector for essential services. Police, fire fighters, teachers, nurses, even doctors, are struggling to get a home in supply-starved Auckland – so they move to the regions. Net result: our schools, hospitals, first responders, and our local businesses in Auckland can't get or retain the labour they require. And people can't live where they want to live.

The KiwiBuild policy is right on point for making houses for these people and is much needed. People trying to hijack the policy with a liberal narrative saying it's not helping poor people, and poor people deserve home ownership in Auckland, are ambushing the argument with discussion irrelevant to the intended outcome. This is not social housing or social welfare policy.

KiwiBuild increases the supply of cheaper houses in Auckland, which have to be small to be affordable here, but are still nice. People starting out in their life have a shot at owning a modest home, if they have the income and employment. 

Good work Twyford, you’re making an impact with this policy. You are turning developers’ attention away from million-dollar homes (average houses in Auckland) and focusing them on affordable houses. Well done!