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Property Development and Tax - Free E-book


Developing property is a very rewarding exercise, but there is a lot to consider and understand if you are going to get it right. 

Not only do you need to identify if a site can physically be developed, what you are legally permitted to do with it, and whether it is financially viable, you need to understand the tax involved. I get many questions from clients about how development taxes work because it is a complex area, so I decided to write an e-book to provide some explanation. 

This e-book covers some commonly asked questions and is a guide to help you identify the taxes that may apply to your situation. But that’s all it is – a guide. You should always seek expert professional advice about development tax, as there are many permutations, exceptions, and little-known areas of tax law that may apply. 

The Property Development and Tax e-book is free for you to download - click here

If you have any questions around development tax, please contact the team at GRA – we would be very happy to help you. 

Matthew Gilligan
Matthew Gilligan
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Thank you for presenting an excellent course in your Property School 101 over the last 6 weeks. We really enjoyed it, gained good value from it plus the necessary confidence and knowledge to move forward in the property market. We will be in touch, soon, for a review of our trusts and entities to ensure we have these established properly to fully protect both our assets and income and to gain full advantage. All the best. - John
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