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Property Strategy Case Study


I'd like to share with you the details of a property deal I'm currently doing in Auckland. Before I get into that, however, I invite you to watch the recording of the webinar I ran with Tony Alexander this week, if you didn't manage to catch it at the time. 

During the webinar we talked about the implications of the new Labour coalition government on the property market and economy, and discussion points included:
Tax issues (e.g. extending bright-line rule, ring-fencing of losses for property investors, capital gains tax)
Policy changes (e.g. minimum wage, immigration, restrictions for foreign buyers, legislation affecting tenants and landlords)
The outlook for finance and how tighter lending conditions are affecting investors
Auckland property market compared to other cities and regions
The possibility of another financial crisis (GFC 2)
Subdivision case study


Now back to the property deal I want to tell you about. I want to show you that it's possible to make real money in the post-election property market without the need for old numbers regurgitated from pre-boom activity to convince you. We refer to these tactics of false numbers as 'ninja dust' - unethical practices, where people are given false numbers, told dramatic stories of Flash Harrys making huge fortunes in property, and are lured into spending their hard-earned money on fake promises. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there, which leaves some people disillusioned and frustrated when they take the wrong advice and don't get the outcome they are seeking after lots and lots of work and risk.

If you want to learn about property investment strategies that work, you need good, solid advice from active investors who practice what they preach. Not so-called education from people who are trying to sell you retail property, or who need to resort to old and irrelevant examples to convince you they are walking property success stories. That's not to say all property educators are trying to hoodwink you, but there is a lot of bad advice out there disguised as sparkling promises of quick riches and easy money. 

The property market has changed, and will continue to do so with our recent change in government. The old strategies aren't as effective, and you need to adapt your investing to the new environment as it unfolds. How do you know which strategies to use? Learn from people who recognise what is happening, who have been through several property cycles and understand the fundamentals, and who are prepared to share their knowledge honestly with you.

I invite you to watch the podcast I recorded with Mark Honeybone of Property Ventures Real Estate, where I discuss the importance of getting education from people who have a success record that proves they know what they are doing. I'll tell you about the property I'm subdividing in Manurewa, and how this is going to make a profit without taking unnecessary risks (or faking the numbers). I'll tell you how I negotiated the purchase, how a positive test for P contamination worked to my advantage, how I plan to develop the site and will potentially end up with a profit of approximately $650K (or more if I decide to wait and land bank the property rather than build on it immediately). 

In the video you'll also hear about an exciting event coming up on 12 November where you'll learn about more strategies that you can use at this stage in the market. What would a day spent with property leaders who walk their talk be worth to you? At only $25 the Property Leaders One-Day Event at Ellerslie could be one of the best investments you make. 

I hope to see you at the Property Leaders One-Day Event, where the other presenters and I will share more cases studies with you and teach you the new strategies we are using to make the most of the current market.

Matthew Gilligan
Matthew Gilligan
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We enjoyed everthing about Property School. Every night was hugely valuable and inspiring. We went away energised. - Roz C - September 2017
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