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How to Attract Money Honey

Over the coffee cups recently, my girlfriends and I started to discuss how our personalities affected the way we looked at things in the world.  My Bestie said she thought I was one of the most black and white people she had ever met. 

The others agreed. Black and white probably does sum me up pretty well. I certainly do put things in boxes and see them in absolute terms. This of course can have its drawbacks because, lets face it, life doesn't come in Tiffany boxes with cute bows on them. Life is full of colour, including distinct shades of grey. On the other hand, black and white can help us get what we want, how we want and when we want.  A little black and white never hurt anyone I think and this is especially pertinent when it comes down to attracting money and getting the money future we want.  In that vein, here are some black and white thoughts I have about attracting the dollars and sense into your life.

b & w rule 1

TV, radio, internet, seminars, books, advertisements, seminar gurus and management consultants all tell us to 'empower others'. For the most part, the majority of us are pretty good at this. We try hard to make others feel good about themselves, about what they are doing.  Women score especially high in this area. But how about empowering ourselves? When was the last time you gave yourself a good talking to and said "if you want a different money life and future you can have it?" We're very good at empowering and believing in others but are pretty poor at putting belief and true faith in ourselves. If you want to attract money into your life, the first step is to create a belief in yourself, truly, deeply believing you deserve to have the money life and future you want.

b & w rule 2

Ever heard the saying 'what you think is what you create'? Humans are pretty good at self sabotage. I know because I see this all the time with people who haven't mastered the technique of controlling their minds. You have to be on guard against your own thoughts. Self talk and thoughts have enormous power. They can either hurt or help you. They can repel or attract the money life and future you want. This means you have to constantly watch what you think. The next time that little Gremlin on your shoulder says "you can't get that, it's impossible to do, only other people can do that" kick him to touch. You deserve much better than that.   

b & w rule 3

I love to run. I run just about every day of my life. I run in parks, on beaches, through forests and of course, on treadmills. It doesn't matter whether I am in my home town or travelling. My running shoes come with me and I just put those shoes on and, as Nike says, "just do it". The thing I love about running is the absolute feeling of body control. I feel all my muscle groups when I run, I feel my breathing, I feel in total control.  Now not everyone loves to run. I get that. But most people have something in their lives which makes them feel fabulous. If you can envisage feeling like that when you have your financial life under control, when you attract the money you want into your life, you will be a whole lot further along the running track to creating the money future you want.

b & w rule 4

"Nothing came from nothing" is another saying that springs to mind.  Believing in yourself, channelling your self talk and thoughts, and envisaging how great you are going to feel when your money life and future is sorted is all well and good, but nothing is going to come of all that great self work without taking some action. You need to actually do something to attract that those dollars into your life. This is where the final B and W Rule comes in.

b & w rule 5

When we started out in life, our mothers and fathers taught us how to walk, talk, eat, etc. Mostly, however, they never taught us how to deal with money. They never taught us how to manage and attract the money future we wanted. They never taught us the essential rules of building assets and money options. Why? Simple. They weren't taught themselves. Our education system doesn't do us proud in this area either. So we are left to struggle and make financial mistakes along the way. Not exactly a winning recipe in Master Chef terms to get ahead. So what action should you take to get in control of your financial life and create the financial future you want?  How's this for a suggestion – sit down with someone to work out the position you are in now, where you want to go and how you're going to get there. Do a little dreaming, learning and planning with someone qualified to help you. Get a money programme in place so you can gain some control over what you are doing on a weekly and monthly basis.  A programme we offer to clients at Gilligan Rowe & Associates is called Wealth Suite. An essential requirement in my view to getting what you want, how you want and when you want, when it comes down to the moo la.


If you've read this article you will understand attracting dollars into your lives isn't exactly rocket science. Me thinks what it requires mostly is a Black and White approach.  To get what you want, how you want and when you want starts with you staring in the mirror, taking a deep breath, deciding that someday is actually today and calling in the Money Team which is where we come in. GRA have helped thousands of New Zealanders over the years, and we'd be very pleased to assist you.  So if you need help, fill out our online form or call us on (09) 522 7955.

Until I meet you, I wish you short spendings and long earnings as the Russian Money Barons say.

The Professional Trustee Team
The Professional Trustee Team
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