Property Leaders One Day Event

Matthew Gilligan, GRA’s property partner, developed the concept of Property Leaders as a six-monthly event with up-to-date market analysis, commentary and strategies, presented by property market leaders and experts. 

Each Leaders event will feature people and ideas that are market relevant, with a view to helping our clients and the wider GRA community make better decisions and create more wealth through property, no matter what the market is doing. As Matthew likes to say, you can make money at all parts of the property cycle – you just need to adjust strategy to the market conditions and the opportunities available at the time you are investing.

At the Leaders event we have a special focus on presenting strategies that help our clients make large gains from instant equity when buying, and we present a quality speaker panel that deals in fact and experience, rather than hype and unrealistic numbers. Our next Leaders Event is being held on 27 May 2018 at Ellerslie Event Centreclick on the banner below to book your place.

Our speaker panel brings together experts and leaders who will provide market commentary on reducing risk and making good decisions for the long run, based on what they are seeing in the market.

Tony Alexander - Big-picture market commentary & Budget analysis

Tony has been BNZ’s chief economist since 1994 and provides regular commentary on developments in the New Zealand economy. Tony will discuss:

  • Reasons why house prices have permanently moved upward
  • Factors underpinning future house price gains
  • Outlook for interest rates and Reserve Bank lending rules

Matthew Gilligan - Market commentary, Budget analysis and property development

Matthew is a property investor, developer and adviser to clients. With a background in tax and legal structures, Matthew is now working full-time in property and has a substantial buy-to-hold portfolio. He is tax and commercially savvy with a wealth of information for young and old, small and large investors. Some of the topics he will cover at the May 2018 Leaders event are:

  • Update on foreign buyer bans, loss ring-fencing, 5-year bright-line rules, the impact of capital gains tax (CGT) and what smart investors should be thinking about before CGT comes in
  • Smart property investment strategies including:
    • Subdivision and construction to make huge gains, tax-free, for long-term investors
    • Update on his personal development strategies and investments for attendees to see and learn from
    • The ins and outs of rent-by-the-room to get massive cashflow yields
  • Downmarket concepts including lease options for selling nonperforming assets (exit strategy for an asset you can’t sell)
  • Big picture – reading the property cycle and changing strategies

Ashley Church - Is property investment dead?

Ashley has a strong background in property, having been CEO of the Auckland Property Investors Association and now holding the role of CEO of the Property Institute. Ashley provides regular commentary on the property market, the economy, and political issues, and at this event will talk about the future of property investment in New Zealand.

Salesh Chand - Superstar investor

Salesh is a chartered accountant and GRA partner. When he first started working at GRA at the age of 23, his only asset was a Ford Falcon that had $15,000 owing on it. Salesh now has a substantial property portfolio, and he will share his story of how he managed to achieve this in less than 10 years.

Tua Saseve - Trading tips and examples

An experienced property mentor and qualified valuer, Tua has achieved terrific results for his clients. You’ll hear about some of the property deals he has facilitated and the successes his students have experienced as a result of working with him. Tua is an expert trader and will give you plenty of tips about how to trade property and make a profit that is worth the time and energy involved.

Janet Xuccoa - Trusts and tax update post-budget

Janet is a GRA partner and is a leader in the tax and trust teams. She will discuss the tax and legal structures you need to have in place in order to protect the wealth you are working so hard to build and will guide you on how the achieve the best result for your individual circumstances. She will also address the impact of Labour’s tax policies for property investors.

Kris Pedersen - Finance and market update for property investors

Kris Pedersen started Kris Pedersen Mortgages in 2007 and has rapidly become the choice for investors who are serious about wanting to grow their property portfolios. Kris will give you tips and insights for obtaining property investment finance including how to obtain up to 80% finance if you can’t meet the 65% LVR rule.

We will share with you:

  • The outlook for the property market and economy
  • New strategies that make you money in this market
  • Commentary on Labour's first Budget
  • Discussion of the implications of Labour’s new tax rules
  • The importance of the big picture – area, the economy and property cycles
  • How to assess potential properties and accurately do the numbers – and how to recognise when you are being hoodwinked by ‘Ninja Numbers’
  • Subdivision and development examples
  • How to make the most of the Auckland Unitary Plan
  • Portfolio building techniques that change your life over 10 years
  • Cash flow strategies that pay you now
  • How to get more debt safely – and love it
  • How to be a developer and not pay tax (legally)Smart tax concepts for property people
  • The power of land banking
  • Expanding your horizons beyond the NZ market – pitfalls, dramas and successes
  • Plenty of case studies to show you how it’s done
  • How to find the help you need once you leave the seminar
DATE: Sunday 27 May 2018
EVENT RUNS: 9:30am to 5:00pm
COST: $45 per person
VENUE: Ellerslie Event Centre
80 Ascot Avenue, Remuera, Auckland 1050
PARKING: FREE parking on site
Lunch and morning/afternoon tea provided
Note: Due to the car fair being held on the same day, you are best to use the Morrin St entrance to Ellerslie (not the main entrance).

What we find at GRA is the people who are diligent and persistent in working at property investment year after year through the different market conditions, are the ones who prevail. The people who keep buying and trading, attempting to better their financial position by adopting new strategies, adapting to the market and taking advantage of new ideas as they emerge – these are the people who make the money. Often their friends look back and say, ‘How on earth did you get that asset so cheap? You’re so lucky to have made that money.’ 

We say you make your own luck, and making luck is a process, not a gamble when it comes to property. It’s a process of identifying opportunities in the marketplace and taking action based on numbers, not hype and hope; on facts, figures and strategy that make sense both in the big picture as a sensible investment strategy but also in the context of the individual’s household. Not all investors can afford all types of investments. 

Prudent property advisers will stop their clients from making rookie mistakes that could lead to their financial demise. But from our experience, much of the property mentoring and advisory industry is laced with the personal agendas of the mentors and undisclosed commissions - people promoting themselves as being in the mentoring business and telling you to invest in a property, when in reality they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Their real agenda is to sell you property that they get commission on to obtain lucrative rewards as sales agents for developers. 

Others present false investment analysis as traders or investors, leaving out key costs of property trading to make their advice appear more attractive in order to get mentoring fees from you. Or they present property investments they purport to have done with massive unverified gains, that even casual scrutiny from an experienced investor would reveal their claim to be hyped and false. Why do they do this? Because they want to sell you lucrative mentoring programmes. They are so desperate to get your money, they place more emphasis on tricky numbers that induce you to pay them, than they do on providing service with integrity and doing what they say they will do. 

Plainly speaking, much of the mentoring industry provides outdated examples, fake numbers and fake claims to wealth. Secret commissions and undisclosed backhanders are not unusual. That’s why dealing with GRA, chartered accountants specialising in property advisory, is a breath of fresh air for investors. We make our money out of accounting fees, and we build our client base by acting with integrity, leading by example, and by doing what we say we will. 

We hope you will join us at the next Property Leaders event by clicking the banner below. Or you can phone the office on (09) 522 7955 and we will process your booking over the phone.