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Seminar Downloads

RMA Webinar
RMA Changes Webinar

Matthew Gilligan & Simon O’Connor discuss RMA changes, Nov 2021

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Tax Changes and Property market Update
Tax Changes Webinar

Tax Changes & Property Market Update 27 Oct 2021 Webinar

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David Seymore Interview
David Seymour Interview

Matthew interviews David Seymour, April 7 2021

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Impact of Brightline and Interest Deductibility Changes
Tax and Property Update

Impact of Bright-line & Interest Deductibility Changes, March 2021

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Webinar with John Rowe August 2020
Trust Update

Webinar with John Rowe August 2020

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Podcast with Property Ventures May 2019
Tax & Property Update

Podcast with Property Ventures, May 2019

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Loss Ring-Fencing CGT Webinar
Major Tax Changes

Mar 2019. Loss Ring-Fencing, CGT Webinar Recording

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Tax Changes and Auckland Property Webinar
Market Update

Tax Changes and Auckland Property Webinar, May 2018

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2017 Economic and Property Update Webinar
Webinar Recording

2017 Economic & Property Update Webinar

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Property Strategy Case Study Podcast
Matthew Gilligan & Mark Honeybone

The importance of good property education

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Property School gave me the knowledge, resources and confidence to seriously start looking at buying my first property in the next few months. All of the speakers had a wealth of knowledge (I rate them at least 12/10) - I've learnt so much! - Nerys Whelan, April 2019
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Property 101by

Investing in residential property?

Put this at the top of your reading list.

If you're investing in residential property, seeking to maximise your ability to succeed and minimise risk, then this is a 'must read'.

Matthew Gilligan provides a fresh look at residential property investment from an experienced investor’s viewpoint. Written in easy to understand language and including many case studies, Matthew explains the ins and outs of successful property investment.

  • How to find the right property
  • How to negotiate successfully.
  • Renovation do's & don'ts.
  • Property management.
  • Case studies and examples.
  • and much, much more..