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David Seymore Interview
David Seymour Interview

Matthew interviews David Seymour on Housing Changes, April 7 2021

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Impact of Brightline and Interest Deductibility Changes
Tax and Property Update

Impact of Bright-line & Interest Deductibility Changes, March 2021

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Webinar with John Rowe August 2020
Trust Update

Webinar with John Rowe August 2020

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Podcast with Property Ventures May 2019
Tax & Property Update

Podcast with Property Ventures, May 2019

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Loss Ring-Fencing CGT Webinar
Major Tax Changes

Mar 2019. Loss Ring-Fencing, CGT Webinar Recording

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Tax Changes and Auckland Property Webinar
Market Update

Tax Changes and Auckland Property Webinar, May 2018

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2017 Economic and Property Update Webinar
Webinar Recording

2017 Economic & Property Update Webinar

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Property Strategy Case Study Podcast
Matthew Gilligan & Mark Honeybone

The importance of good property education

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I would just like to reiterate how much I got out of property school 101, not just about property but planning and making informed decisions on money matters. I found you very inspiring and enjoyed the energy in which you presented with. I am definitely at a point now where I just want to start making things happen – the right way! Kindest Regards - André

Seminars and workshops for property investors, business owners and anyone seeking to create and protect their wealth.

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Gilligan Rowe and Associates is a chartered accounting firm specialising in property, asset planning, legal structures, taxation and compliance.

We help new, small and medium property investors become long-term successful investors through our education programmes and property portfolio planning advice. With our deep knowledge and experience, we have assisted hundreds of clients build wealth through property investment.

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