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At GRA, we understand that accounting and taxes can be subjects of great confusion or stress for people. That is why we wholeheartedly believe in removing as much difficulty and complexities as possible, to make accounting and taxation easily accessible and understandable to everyone. Of course, living in today's technologically saturated society most industries have seen an increase in software designed to help us complete our duties, and the field of accounting is no different. So it is important that we select the right software that reduces issues and maximises simplicity. This is why we believe in using Xero Accountant, accounting software speci ally designed to help complete your accounting needs effectively with minimal fuss and maximum ease. So contact us for your chance to become a Xero accountant.

Traditionally, accounting software will require you to invest a lot of time and effort, which is hardly ideal when you want to complete your accounting effectively and efficiently. This is valuable time and effort that could be used in other areas of your company or even as spare time to relax and enjoy life. Quite frankly, it simply takes the fun out of being in business. That is why we are excited to offer you Xero, software that will help transform you into a Xero accountant, capable of maintaining your accounting needs with minimal fuss.

With Xero's online accounting system, prepare to have the way you work changed forever. Xero allows you to manage your cash flow in real-time, thanks to automated data feeds from your business network and bank, while also enabling you to collaborate with your team and advisors from anywhere in the world, at any time.  As a result, you will be able to elevate your business to the next level. In fact, Xero features over 100 solution partners in its ecosystem, allowing you to simply link accounting into your business process, increasing your productivity. How amazing is that? Simple accounting software is now available to you and your business at the click of a button. So to experience the wonders of Xero and to help transform your business, simply contact us and we will provide you with everything you need to become the next Xero accountant. What are you waiting for.

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Client Testimonial

This letter is to express my appreciation for the assistance and encouragement of both Anthony Lipscombe and particularly John Heaslip over the last financial year. The period since activating my trading trust has been one of considerable stress, as well as personal development, as I embarked on this as a relative business neophyte with virtually no awareness of the contemporary requirements of running a business, particularly the financial records aspect. During much of this period I have therefore felt considerable out of my depth.  However I have been lucky enough to have had the benefit of the advice and support of John Heaslip in rationalizing what was a fairly chaotic set of records of the first year property trading. I am able to say that John in particular, has been unstinting in his attention to my needs and has done so in a manner which has never alluded to my extremely rudimentary grasp of managing a business, or even of being unable to set out a spread sheet properly.  The result of the above guidance is that now, although my trading trust would still not be able to operate without the advice of GRA, I do least feel a sense of satisfaction that I have got to my present point without major disaster and that my property trust does now have some kind of firmer basis for any future activities
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