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No other firm has our depth of knowledge and experience in property investment. We literally wrote the bookProperty 101 by Matthew Gilligan! We offer services to help property investors succeed and education to help property investors succeed to help property investors succeed. Learn more about GRA services to help property investors succeed..


GRA's Taxation Compliance Division prepares financial statements and taxation returns for many types of organisations. Large companies and small to medium sized businesses.. Learn more..about GRA tax consultancy services..


If you’re thinking about setting up, or reviewing a family trust, then you've come to the right place. Among other benefits, trusts protect you from adverse events.. Learn more..about GRA Family Trust accounting services


Everyone has to pay their share of taxes, and we have no qualms about that. But there are many things that you can deduct and do to reduce your taxation obligations. Learn more..about GRA Asset planning accounting services

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  Matthew Gilligan  07 May 24

Matthew Gilligan With 1 July fast approaching, it is a good time to alert readers to some of the detail around the new bright-line and rollover relief rules which come into force from that date.Reduction of bright-line period to two yearsAs most readers will be aware, the bright-line period officially reduces to two years for all residential property from 1 July. ...

  John Rowe  31 Oct 22

John Rowe It would be fair to say that everyone wants to pay as little tax as they are legally required to, and everyone wants to protect the assets they have worked so hard to attain (e.g. family home, savings). So how do you do this? Should you set up a company? A trust? Both? Neither? The answer is asset planning, ...

Salesh Chand Property investment has long been a tried and tested means of building wealth for retirement. Even in the current environment (with tax rules targeting property investment, tough borrowing criteria, rising interest rates, and a property market that is cooling in many areas), knowledgeable investors are making money out of property by adapting their strategies to the market conditions. A ...

  Anthony Lipscombe  04 Apr 23

Anthony Lipscombe Prior to the inception of the bright-line rule, it was relatively common practice to restructure the ownership of residential property to get better asset protection, estate planning and tax outcomes, or when circumstances changed. For example, you might convert an existing home to being a rental, or own a holiday home personally that you want to be protected in ...

  Anthony Strevens  28 Feb 23

Anthony Strevens The IRD have recently announced ways in which they can provide some relief for those hit by the recent adverse weather events. Although these measures are not new, it is useful to know about them and to be aware the IRD will actively consider application to those affected.Removing Penalties and InterestThe IRD charges penalties on late filing and late ...

  Anna Loginova  16 Dec 22

Anna Loginova The shareholder’s current account (i.e. the net balance of funds introduced and withdrawn by the shareholder) is one of the most common things that our clients ask us about.  The most frequent questions that we receive are: How did this occur? What does the movement between this year and last year represent? Why does the company owe me money? ...

Nathan Budd It’s that time of year when businesses look to reward their staff and clients by hosting Christmas parties, giving gifts, and paying bonuses.Some of these costs may be fully deductible, some may be 50% tax deductible, and others subject to Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) or PAYE deductions. To help your business stay on the right side of the Christmas ...

  Quade Fraser  15 Jul 24

Quade Fraser As a property tax and structuring specialist, one of the most common questions I encounter is whether to set up a look-through company (LTC) to hold investment property. The answer, more often than not, has shifted over the years to no. LTCs, once considered a go-to option for property investors, have seen their appeal diminish significantly in recent years. ...

  The Professional Trustee Team  28 Jan 22

The Professional Trustee Team Filing tax returns for trusts is becoming more complicated, and trustees need to be aware of this. From the 2022 financial year onwards (i.e. year ending 31 March 2022), additional information must be included in a trust’s tax returns.  None of this is particularly difficult, but gathering the information the IRD requires is going to be more time consuming than ...

Kris Pedersen If you're a New Zealand resident looking to invest in residential property, now may be the perfect time to do so. Several key factors are converging to create a favourable environment for property investment, including dropping inflation rates, mortgage interest rates looking to have peaked, predicted reductions in the Official Cash Rate potentially coming later this year, and loan-to-value ...

  Steve Munro - Guest Contributor  08 Nov 23

Guest Contributor As an insurance adviser and a property investor, I’ve often felt like a circus performer, juggling every dollar amidst soaring interest rates. Life's unpredictability remains the one constant through it all.The ACC Reality CheckMany perceive the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) as a beacon. However, contrary to popular belief, it's not the all-encompassing safety net that it appears to be. ...

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