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Mind the Gap: Understand the ACC Cap!

by Steve Munro - Guest Contributor 08 Nov 23

As an insurance adviser and a property investor, I’ve often felt like a circus performer, juggling every dollar amidst soaring interest rates. Life's unpredictability remains the one constant through it all.The ACC Reality CheckMany perceive the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) as a beacon. However, contrary..

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  How far does your health insurance really go?

by Steve Munro - Guest Contributor 20 Jun 23

No matter what business you are in (property investment, self-employed, salaried, or retired), health insurance should be part of your risk mitigation strategy. Consider this question: How much would you pay to live for an extra year? If you are diagnosed with serious illness, the..

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  The 7 Deadly Sins of Health Insurance & Life Insurance

by Steve Munro - Guest Contributor 19 Aug 22

If you are in business, have debt, or need to work to earn an income, you probably already know it’s a good idea to have risk nsurance (health, life, trauma, income protection etc.). What you possibly don’t know, is that you are likely entitled to..

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House insurance costs on the move - what you need to know

by Initio Insurance - Guest Contributor 12 Oct 22

With the Government earthquake levy increasing by 60% on 1 October 2022, escalating rebuild values, and insurers adjusting their premiums, it’s a good time to check your house insurance.  Here’s the low-down and some tools to help you.  In recent years we have seen significant..

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Sunset Clause - off-the-plan sales

by Mark Honeybone - Guest Contributor 17 Feb 22

Many people who have bought an investment property over the past 12 months have been forced to buy a new build due to the government’s current rules:• Healthy Home requirements• Lower LVR for new builds (20% deposit rather than the 40% required for second-hand properties) • The ability to claim..

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Impact of new legislation on property investors and tenants

by Mark Honeybone - Guest Contributor 21 Jul 21

There have been many changes to legislation affecting property investors over the past 4½ years. We have had:•  Healthy Homes Standards•  Loan-to-value ratio (LVR) changes•  Requirement for heat pumps•  Loss of claiming interest as an expense How have property investors reacted and what has happened? Before I..

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Opportunity costs

by Mark Honeybone - Guest Contributor 25 Nov 19

"Should I sell, or should I wait till the property is worth more?" "I really wanted $20k more. Should I accept this final offer?" "I'd lose $20k on my trade if I sell for that, what should I do?" These are questions that investors, traders and homeowners are..

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What makes a good investment property?

by Mark Honeybone - Guest Contributor 14 Aug 18

Last month I received some great questions in my 'Ask Mark' series on Property Ventures’ Facebook page (propertyventuresnz).  One of them was a very important "back to basics" question: What factors do you take into account to consider a property to be good for investment?..

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Using a Real Estate Agent

by Mark Honeybone - Guest Contributor 10 Dec 17

Choosing the right real estate agent can make a big difference to your selling experience, and to your bottom line. A knowledgeable real estate agent can make you a lot of money. On the other hand, if you don't have a good agent, you can..

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To educate you must entertain. Property School was both informative and fun. I could not have coped with a boring session after a day in the office. The things I found most valuable were learning about the property wealth wheel, the value of trusts, credit lines and Life Online (which I will use again in the future). I got a lot out of it and have already recommended Property School to friends. - Peter M - November 2015
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