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No other firm has our depth of knowledge and experience in property investment. We literally wrote the bookProperty 101 by Matthew Gilligan! We offer services to help property investors succeed and education to help property investors succeed to help property investors succeed. Learn more about GRA services to help property investors succeed..


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If you’re thinking about setting up, or reviewing a family trust, then you've come to the right place. Among other benefits, trusts protect you from adverse events.. Learn more..about GRA Family Trust accounting services


Everyone has to pay their share of taxes, and we have no qualms about that. But there are many things that you can deduct and do to reduce your taxation obligations. Learn more..about GRA Asset planning accounting services

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  Matthew Gilligan  15 Mar 24

Matthew Gilligan One 14 March 2024, the government released draft legislation coming good on its promise to reduce the bright-line period to two years and repeal the interest limitation rules. The highlights are as follows:Bright-lineA two-year bright-line period will apply to all property where sale occurs on or after 1 July 2024.  The date that you enter into the agreement to ...

John Rowe Background   Over 80% of start-up businesses fail in the first five years. One of the tasks accountants in public practice deal with is assisting clients when this occurs. Liquidation is the insolvency process related to companies and formally deals with those going through this stressful process. Liquidators are appointed and take control of the company and, if appropriate, ...

  Salesh Chand  28 Oct 22

Salesh Chand An October 2022 Stuff article revealed that the Tenancy Tribunal has been ordering landlords to lower the rent on their properties. As I see it, this is worrying evidence of unnecessary interference and creeping socialism, and it must be stopped.In his book The Theory of Moral Sentiments, famous 18th-century philosopher and economist, Adam Smith, proposed the idea of the ...

  Anthony Lipscombe  16 Dec 22

Anthony Lipscombe I want to close the year by highlighting a couple of positive developments in the GST rules – one that came into effect earlier in 2022, and one that is proposed to come into effect from next year.Earlier this year a long-standing issue that prevented GST from being claimed on asset transfers within a group structure was resolved. To ...

  Anthony Strevens  19 Dec 22

Anthony Strevens With all the changes in tax law in recent years, there has been plenty of speculation about what a change in government might mean for the tax landscape. Whilst the National Party has not released their final tax policy ahead of next year’s election, on their website there are some clear indications of what they would do should they be ...

  Anna Loginova  29 Sep 22

Anna Loginova If you have to travel overseas for business (given you can do so now with the borders finally open), the question of tax deductibility of travel expenses will arise: which expenses can you claim, if any? It is important to understand the purpose of the trip in order to decide how the treatment of these expenses will be applied. In ...

Nathan Budd It’s that time of year when businesses look to reward their staff and clients by hosting Christmas parties, giving gifts, and paying bonuses.Some of these costs may be fully deductible, some may be 50% tax deductible, and others subject to Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) or PAYE deductions. To help your business stay on the right side of the Christmas ...

  Quade Fraser  15 Jul 24

Quade Fraser As a property tax and structuring specialist, one of the most common questions I encounter is whether to set up a look-through company (LTC) to hold investment property. The answer, more often than not, has shifted over the years to no. LTCs, once considered a go-to option for property investors, have seen their appeal diminish significantly in recent years. ...

  The Professional Trustee Team  02 Jul 21

The Professional Trustee Team So you have set up a trust and you are a trustee, and you wonder, “what are my obligations as a trustee?” To answer that question we turn to the Trusts Act. Under this Act there are two classes of trustee duties, being mandatory and default. The mandatory duties are what they sound like. They are irrefutable obligations that trustees ...

Kris Pedersen If you keep an eye on the media, you will have noticed over the Christmas break and into January a plethora of articles referring to the CCCFA. The Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act was initially brought in back in 2005, but all the recent noise has been to do with amendments to the Act that came in on ...

  Steve Munro - Guest Contributor  20 Jun 23

Guest Contributor No matter what business you are in (property investment, self-employed, salaried, or retired), health insurance should be part of your risk mitigation strategy. Consider this question: How much would you pay to live for an extra year? If you are diagnosed with serious illness, the right health insurance that gives you access to the best treatments can make a ...

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