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Property School 101 Students

Welcome to GRA’s dedicated webpage for Property School students. On this page you will find useful material and resources, including videos and podcasts.

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You can find further video resources on our YouTube Channel: GRA TV


Insurance For Property Investors
By: Matthew Gilligan

Managing Your Property and Finding Tenants
By: Matthew Gilligan

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Property 101
By: Matthew Gilligan


Tax Structures 101
By: Matthew Gilligan


The seminar last night was the best I have attended. Your speech was inspiring, professional and interesting. I have followed GRA for a very long time and really love your books Property 101 and Tax Structures 101. I didn't find them in the library of Victoria University and managed to ask the uni to purchase some copies so that students won't miss out these amazing books. - Kardy - December 2017
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Investing in residential property?

Put this at the top of your reading list.

If you're investing in residential property, seeking to maximise your ability to succeed and minimise risk, then this is a 'must read'.

Matthew Gilligan provides a fresh look at residential property investment from an experienced investor’s viewpoint. Written in easy to understand language and including many case studies, Matthew explains the ins and outs of successful property investment.

  • How to find the right property
  • How to negotiate successfully.
  • Renovation do's & don'ts.
  • Property management.
  • Case studies and examples.
  • and much, much more..