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On 23 March 2021, Labour announced surprise tax changes that have left property investors reeling.

  • Extension of the bright-line rule to 10 years
  • Removal of interest deductibility for residential rental properties
  • Exemption from these rules for new builds (though Labour are yet to define what qualifies as a ‘new build’)
Are you concerned about the new tax rules?
Are you wondering how they will affect you and what you should do?

Knowledge is power, so GRA have created this page to provide insights and information to help you make good property investing decisions in this new tax environment.

Here you will find articles, webinars, and commentary, which we will update as new information comes to hand. Below you will also find a petition you can sign if you disagree with the new rules.

Latest Posts

My opinion on the new tax changes

 Matthew Gilligan  13 Apr 21

Matthew Gilligan I'm seething about these tax changes. And it’s not just the fact that Labour lied to us; it’s the whole bigger picture and the implications for ordinary New Zealanders. This Government is attacking middle New Zealand with all these housing initiatives and tax reforms – it’s mums and dads being hit, not property oligarchs. According to February 2021 stats from ... More 

BREAKING NEWS: Government introduces bright-line and interest deductibility changes

 Matthew Gilligan  23 Mar 21

Matthew Gilligan As part of the Government’s property policy announcements today (23 March 2021), there are two significant changes to tax rules that will impact residential property investors. If you don't support the changes, there is a petition that you can sign (link here and at the end of this blog). I ran a webinar discussing these changes on 25 March. You ... More 


Matthew Gilligan interviews David Seymour from the Act Party on Housing Changes, April 7 2021


Impact of Bright-line & Interest Deductibility Changes, March 2021


Brightline Petition


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