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Divorce Part 1

by The Professional Trustee Team 23 Jan 13

Welcome to Just a minute with Janet. This is a three part series where I discuss, dare I say it "Divorce." If you are going through a divorce or think you might be this three part series is a must watch. I hope you gain..

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What are your Money Personalities Part 2

by The Professional Trustee Team 21 Jan 13

Today, Janet talks about the last two money personalities. Have you found out what you are yet? (You can view Part 1 of Money Personalities here.) I hope you enjoyed my short video blog..

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What are your Money Personalities Part 1

by The Professional Trustee Team 17 Jan 13

Just a Minute with Janet Today Janet discusses your money personalities. Which one are you? Do you spend money like a movie star or stash it away like Scrooge McDuck? Find out by watching this short video. (You can watch Part 2 of What are..

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How to Pay your Credit Card Debt off Quickly

by The Professional Trustee Team 15 Jan 13

This is the first of many "Just a Minute with Janet' video blogs I will be sharing with you. My video blogs will include lots of tips and valuable information on money, business, property, trusts, wills etc, so keep tuned for each new Vlog. I..

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Trust Shake Up

by The Professional Trustee Team 21 Nov 12

Trustees have now been given fair warning – meet your legal liabilities and run the trust under your stewardship as you should or risk liability and your trust being deemed a sham. We've been advising our clients on this for years but the Commissioner has recently..

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An Auckland family trust accountant is not surprised by moves to wind up the trusts of two fraudulent accounts, but says it is a rare move. JT Law's Jamie Grant has applied to the Wellington High Court to liquidate the TPS Asset Trust and TPS..

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Necessity of Wills and Memorandom of Wishes

by The Professional Trustee Team 21 Jun 12

Now there's always at least 3 sides to a story but if the article in the New Zealand Herald is anything to go by, it would appear a family home and its contents were sold without potential beneficiaries being told.  The facts as reported are..

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Developing Dollars and Sense in Teenagers

by The Professional Trustee Team 20 Apr 12

Whilst the world has changed over the centuries, one thing remains the same: teenagers are subject to lots of peer pressure.  Pressures to appear cool, to have the right clothes, to listen to the right music, to be seen in the right places, even to..

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How to Attract Money Honey

by The Professional Trustee Team 17 Apr 12

Over the coffee cups recently, my girlfriends and I started to discuss how our personalities affected the way we looked at things in the world.  My Bestie said she thought I was one of the most black and white people she had ever met.  The..

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Matthew was extremely well prepared and delivered his 4 hour presentation like a natural. It was very informative and I believe the value of the information well exceeded the investment in the event. (That doesn't mean putting the price up for the next one though! :) - Johnny

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