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Webinar 5 in the Market Update series is an Election Special with David Seymour. Due to a mix-up in schedules, we have moved the GRA-Seymour night to Wednesday the 20th of September at 5.30pm. Apologies to all for the change of plans. 5.30pm is a bit..

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  Market Update – Finance

by Matthew Gilligan 30 Aug 23

Webinar 4 in the Market Update series was a Finance Update with Kris Pedersen of Kris Pedersen Mortgages.Held on 29 August, Kris and I discussed finance for property investors including how to obtain finance with less than 35% deposit, managing interest rates in a high..

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  Market Update – Tax

by Matthew Gilligan 18 Aug 23

The Tax Update Webinar with GRA’s head of tax, Anthony Lipscombe, was the third presentation in our Market Update Series and was held on 15 August. Anthony and I looked at the tax changes introduced by the Labour Government, with a particular focus on the..

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  Market Update – Property Zoning & RMA

by Matthew Gilligan 09 Aug 23

The second webinar in our Market Update series – Property Zoning & RMA – was held on 2 August. During this presentation, town planner Simon O’Connor and I discussed zoning and the MDRS rules, the Resource Management Act (and proposals to change it), as well..

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On 27 July, I held a webinar with economist Tony Alexander, where we looked at the outlook for the economy and the property market. The presentation was recorded, and you can watch the video below. This was the first webinar in GRA’s 2023 Market Update Series. There..

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On 27 July I presented a Market Update webinar, with over 360 attendees. During the webinar I ran a poll asking if the attendees think we will have a change of government in the upcoming electionNote, the question was not “Do you want a change..

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  Tax Changes - Trust Tax Rate to 39%

by Matthew Gilligan 29 May 23

In the May 2023 Budget, the Labour government announced that from 1 April 2024, the trust tax rate will increase from 33% to 39%. What does this mean for you and your trust?What, if anything, can you do to manage this?Should you still have a trust?These..

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Tax Changes and the Upcoming Election

by Matthew Gilligan 06 Apr 23

Lots of our clients are asking GRA what is on offer from the various parties for the 2023 election, so I thought it would be useful to recap the tax changes made by Labour in their past two terms, and then canvas the different offerings..

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Tax and Trusts

by Matthew Gilligan 08 Feb 23

Whether you are a businessperson signing contracts and leases in the ordinary course of business, a property investor signing finance agreements with banks, a property trader, or a developer, you will no doubt want to pay as little tax as legally required and protect the..

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GRA have been looking after my finances for ages (Trust, rentals etc). They’re professional and friendly and have never gone crook at me when I send through last minute requests. Give them a go.

- Kim G, February 2024

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